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Hope raises for durable peace in Afghanistan

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Much have been said and written about counterinsurgency and peace talks in Afghanistan. The post-Taliban Afghanistan moved towards democratization through approving Constitution and conducting presidential and provincial elections. Having equal suffrage, Afghan men and women flocked to ballot boxes hoping for a civil society void of violence and bloodshed. But the public dream did not come true. 
The high hopes of Afghan nation for heaving a sigh of relief in a violence-free Afghanistan are yet to come to fruition. Taliban and otherterrorist networks are strong obstacle before democratization. They continue their bloodbath without showing flexibility to peace talks.
The deadly terrorist attack on religious ulema in capital Kabul which, according to the ministry of public health, martyred at least 52 people and wounded more than 70others, reveals the stubborn refusal of warring parties to peace talks. The terrorists yet to claim the responsibility, but it has been proved that whenever there are large civilian casualties, the Taliban do not tend to claim the responsibility despite carrying out the attacks. 
In line with recent reports for peace in the country, a top UN official based in Kabul has said ‘there are new-found opportunities and well-founded hopes for peace in Afghanistan.’UN resident coordinator told reporters in Geneva on Friday that “Afghanistan has a better chance of finding peace than it has for many years.’
The top UN humanitarian official in the country said there was more coordination in international peace efforts and willingness to include all parties”It sounds like a paradox but there are better opportunities today than there have been in many, many, many years for Afghanistan to be at peace with itself and with its key neighbors.”
Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has said Washington was “in very strong” peace negotiations in Afghanistan.”I really think the people of Afghanistan … are tired of fighting,” Trump told reporters after delivering a Thanksgiving holiday message to US troops in Afghanistan, scene of one of America’s longest-ever wars, Reuters reported on Friday the US president as saying.
Afghans have been fed up with wars, killing, migration and destruction and hope to taste the flavor of peace after a decades-long devastating bloody conflicts. These conflicts have taken everything from our people and achieving a reliable and everlasting peace is their only hope.
President’s recent move for peace is commendable. He has been consulting the peace process with all segments of the society. Such a vision can ensure and mobilize the different players in the Afghan conflict to participate in this process, because it ensures the overlapping interests of the different players and envision an Afghanistan that can engage all the partners to enjoy economic and security benefits.
Now hope for peace is very much higher than any time before as US and Russia is on the same boat in Afghanistan to end the longest war.Therefore all achievements gained in the last seventeenyears will need to be well observed and respected, particularly concerning transitional justice, human rights—especially women and children’s rights—and media freedom.

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