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Holding exhibitions effective in exchanging of experiences among nations

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By: Shukria Kohistani

The first international exhibition of Afghanistan information technology and relations would be held till less than 20 days in Kabul.
Holding of such exhibitions can have effectiveness in exchange of experiences among nations.
Under the title of Ariana-ICT this exhibition would be held in Kabul with participation of companies and producers of information-technology and relations of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Germany and Asluni.
This is in a time that due to holding of such exhibitions, a number of Afghan citizens say that no doubt, relations are one of great achievements of humanity. But, unfortunately despite promotion of technology, so far, there are serious problems in communication networks of the country. So holding of such exhibitions can prepare the ground for exchange of thoughts and suitable use of technology for traders of Afghanistan and share their experiences with technology of Afghanistan.
According to these citizens as the exhibitions held in overseas have their own impacts inside Afghanistan, the regional countries should also held such exhibitions in abroad for blossoming of commercial goods of Afghanistan.
In coordination with Irna concersium of Islamic Republic of Iran and Siam-Business of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan this international exhibition would be held in Kabul.
Director of Irna concersium, Perviz Shahpar told media in the connection that four foreign companies belong to Pakistan, Germany, Asloni, one from Russia, 15 companies from Afghanistan including some communication companies such as Afghan-Telecom, Etisalat and MTN as well as 40 companies of technology of Iran registered themselves to attend in exhibition of Ariana ICT.
According to him, this exhibitions would be held with cooperation and support of ministry of information and relations of Iran and other organs concerned as well as the ministry of communication and information technology, ATRA, ACTI and other related organs of Afghanistan.
Shahpar added that in these exhibitions technology, information and relations, banks, insurance companies, IT, cyber security, electronical sections, software company, online stores, chamber of commerce and industry, skills training consultancies etc would attend.
He laid emphasize this exhibition to cooperate and enforce the partners of Afghanistan in the zone of information technology and relations that would result in the benefit of both nations.
Director of Irna concersium added that the exhibition of Ariana-ICT is a beginning point among Iranian and Afghan companies to remain as partner with each other and believe they would offer qualitative commodities to the markets of Afghanistan and Iran.
Both sides would make effort to employ professional cadres in the projects and with holding such exhibitions they would also make effort to realise and establish common markets and share their scientific and practical experiences with these companies. Director of concersium stated.
He said that exchange of scientific experiences would be a priority as their professional measure.
At the end, he hoped with cooperation of each other and sharing of their capabilities, they would occupy world markets.
This is in a time that previously, general president of labor and commerce development center of Afghanistan Seyam Peserlai said that they are decisive in collaboration with an Iranian partner to hold an international exhibition under the title of Afghanistan information technology in the presence of Iranian, Indian and Pakistani companies in Kabul that would be one of great exhibitions of this zone in the history of Afghanistan.

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