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Hoarding, overcharging frank enmity with people


By: The Kabul Times

Two days ago, a 50 kg sack of flour was supplied Afs 2500 with an overcharging of 50 pc while in some major markets as well as small sale stores actually no flour was available to customers. This situation caused certain concern and anxiety with citizens on possible famine and shortage of flour and other essentials and people rushed to markets, vagabonded for seeking of essentials but failed to get flour, rice, oil….etc.
The reason behind this overcharging was hoarding of essentials by some shopkeepers and businessmen.
On Monday, police and municipality authorities had to interfere in bazaar, shut the markets and shops who had refused supply of essentials to citizens or had resorted to overcharging and KCP had temporarily arrested the individual who were accused for hoarding and overcharging.
In a condition that the coronavirus outbreak threat the citizens and conditions are available for further outbreak of this virus into urban and rural areas than before and some neighboring countries have closed their borders with Afghanistan and the danger of essentials shortage is potential, some people have resorted to hoarding and overcharging.
Nowadays, the prices of essentials needed by citizens have hiked astonishingly and increased many folds. In a circumstances that over half of our people are experiencing a multi-dimensional poverty, hoarding of essentials that has caused hike of prices of these materials in local markets, is indeed frank enmity with our citizens because the unpleasant consequences of hoarding and subsequent overcharging of essentials is in no case less than the impacts of coronavirus outbreak and suicide attacks and explosions. This action results in numerous difficulties and hardships and causes gradual death of poor citizens.
Principally, hoarding has been forbidden according to Sharia norms and considered illegal. Our great prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has said, the one who imports something in our bazaar, is like the one how fights in the path of Allah and the one who hoards in our bazaar, is like the one who has been recognized atheist and infidel in the book of Allah.
Hoarding is also forbidden by prevailing laws of the country and has been considered as a crime. Anyone who commits hoarding, not only will be punished but his goods will also be confiscated by the government. A person who hides publically needed essentials for jobbery or for overcharging, refuses their supply or prevent its supply by others on the condition that the hoarded essentials’ prices in markets, increase is recognized as a speculator who is liable to be punished.
We expect the traders, businessmen and shopkeepers to refrain hoarding according to orders of our great Prophet (PBUH) and prevailing laws of the country.
In a condition that coronavirus outbreak has led people to the edge of collapse, our traders must not oppress to our poor people and don’t increase their problems.
Current condition requires us to be sympathetic to each other until Allah be merciful to us. According to official data, over half of our people are living under the poverty line.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.