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Historical stone sign of ignorance and wisdom

220px King Amanullah standing

By: The Kabul Times

This is a memorial minaret from Ghazi Amanullah Khan era about the victory of knowledge over ignorance which was built after the bloody riot of Mullah-e-Lang against Afghanistan scientific and cultural movement in Nowabad area, Barikot in Ahmad Shahi park over a small stone hill in an attractive and delicate memmar that explains bitter realities of Afghanistan history to dear readers. The names of martyrs of this battle have been engraved on its four pillars. These names would be transferred generation by generation until the end of this world.
This historic minaret located on a small but low stone hill between Dehmazang road and Kabul river just few meters before Pul-e-Hartel in the east of Kabul Zoo. The minaret was constructed following the riot of Mangal tribe led by conservative Mullahs against the reforms of Amani movement.
On three sides of the minaret, the names of victims of this battle have been engraved while on the 4th side the list of vanguards of battle against ignorance have been inserted on a golden inscription as a sign of fighting for upcoming generations for promotion of education.
On two crossing swords, one book, one feather, that symbolizes a pen and a bottle of ink have been engraved for promotion of education. Over this stone sign, the government emblem of Amani era that includes one pulpit and a sanctuary, flags on both sides, hat of Ghazi Amanullah Khan have been setup.
This stone sign was constructed according to late Mohammad Naser Gharghasht on June 12.1925 and completed on June 22.1927. the full text contains 13 sentences.

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