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Historical opportunity provided to restore peace in Afghanistan, President Ghani

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Following peace efforts by the government of Afghanistan and US, recently, President Ghani said historical opportunity has been provided to restore peace in the country.
He stressed that the Taliban don’t have another option but to directly negotiate with the government of Afghanistan.
The president asked participants of Doha meeting to make effort on maintaining lasting and honorable peace.
Likewise, a number of political experts and politicians ask Taliban to take serious and honest effort on restoring peace in Afghanistan, because, war is not the solution.
They added Afghans have been sick of war and want to reach an honorable peace, within which all achievements made by the people to be protected.
Peace negotiations are being seriously pursued by many sides, but one of the most important issues in peace talks is to protect achievements made over the last years particularly women successes, a political expert Ali Rahmani said.
He added US has done much to invite Taliban set around negotiation table with the government of Afghanistan, but its results are still unclear, thus, the efforts will be fruitful while the government is involved in it.
This comes as US secretary of state expressed hope and stressed that US wants to end its longest war in Afghanistan.
To end ongoing war in Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s partners should guarantee the negotiation process, another political expert Aminzoy said.
He added this is a clear fact that no political agreement will succeed sans Afghan government presence, because, the government can be the part of a legitimate side to end war.
If the world countries want a lasting peace to be restored in Afghanistan, their achievements made over the last eighteen years should not go in vain, thus, they should increase political pressures on Taliban sponsor states so they join peace process, he added.
Experts believe that many countries have made effort to be part of Afghan peace process, saying peace will ensure while the warring-sides accept the country’s laws as well as their regional and ultra-regional supports are cut.
The people of Afghanistan have experienced different situations so far.
They ask the Taliban to consider the country’s current realities and get prepared for peace talks with the government.
Recently, peace efforts have been accelerating more than before, but the important point is that the negotiations to be done between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban.
Afghan government, US and Taliban representatives are expected to hold meeting in Qatar and it is hoped they reach a peace agreement.
Suraya Raiszada

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