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Hike of fuel prices in Kabul concerning

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Recently, fuels’ prices have considerably increased in the capital Kabul.
Fuels sellers say fuels prices have increased worldwide, besides lowering of Afghani currency value versus US dollar has negatively affected the fuels market countrywide.
It is merit to mention that petrol and diesel prices have increased by 28 percent over the last four months, a problem which has seriously concerned the citizens.
Four months ago, the price of a liter petrol was 46 Afg and a liter diesel 43 Afg, but now, the price of a liter petrol is 59 Afg and a liter diesel is 55 Afg.
A private company owner Mohammad Aman told The Kabul Times USD value has increased against Afghani currency, besides fuels prices have enhanced worldwide, thus, when we import fuels from abroad, we have to sell them in US dollar, that is why fuels prices have visibly risen in Kabul markets.

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Blaming the government, a number of Kabul residents said the government should control the market and legally treat those companies store the fuels.
A Kabul citizen, Sayed Rahman said besides petrol and diesel prices, the price of a kg liquid gas has reached to 70 Afg.
He said Petroleum Department had fuel storages, adding we don’t know why we are facing hike of fuel prices each year.
Another Kabul citizen Shah Zaman said, “Each year, when the winter arrives, the fuels prices considerably get increased.”
According to him, fuels prices have suddenly got increased, adding private companies’ owners are cruel and they rise the fuels prices whenever they want.
People ask the government and petroleum department to step up and address the people’s problems in this respect.
An economic expert Saifuddin Saihoun said unfortunately, Afghanistan was a consumer country and most of our goods are being imported from abroad, thus, if investment is made in Afghanistan and we have large storages, our people would never face any problem in this regard.
According to fuels importers’ union, annually, Afghanistan imports 2.7 million tons of fuels, but still the people are facing many problems in the respect.
Shukria Kohistani

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