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High praise for bravery of ANDSF


Being in front line of war on terror and combating terrorism, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have paid high sacrifices and triggered an outpouring of national grief. Warring factions, mainly the Taliban and Daesh terrorists are widely involved in war crime and violated the humanitarian law. They sought to spill the blood of both combatants and non-combatants without an iota of humanity.
Taliban’s recent attacks on Ghazni which was declared the capital of Islamic Civilization in 2013 by Muslim nations, revealed that the terrorist group event did not respect the Islamic values and teachings. The group spared no effort to destroy the city and target innocent civilians and their belongings. But their vicious plans were foiled by the brave Afghan security forces.
Security situation in Ghazni City, have been under control now, while some circles spread negative propaganda through social media regarding Taliban second attempt to attack the city.From the past two days some individuals and groups spread the rumors that the Taliban had been preparing to attack Ghazni city again.
Ghazni Police Chief Farid Ahmad Mashal said there was no security issue in the city and the entire city was under their control.He warned against severe punishment if anybody spread wrong information or news serving the interest of enemy.He said clearing operation was still underway in Ghazni city and most parts of the city had been cleared.
The Afghan people and in particular the residents of Ghazni city should have confidence on capability of their own security forces. The Afghan heroes defeated the insurgents who were backed by other international terrorists, including the Pakistan’s ISI and didn’t allow them to implement their goals and take control of the city.
Afghan nation has proven that the warlords and extremists cannot rule them ever. The Taliban and those supporting terror should realizethe power of young generation of Afghanistan and the country’s security forces.
Afghanistan has a vibrant civil society organization, free media and capable security forces, mostly led and managed by the young generation of the country, the young Afghan generation has proven that they can do it. This young system and young generation will need sincere assistance and cooperation of its international partners. It is easier to support good people than fighting unknown evils.
Indeed, the Afghan soldiers have shown their bravery and gained national honor for the country throughout the history and will do so in the future as well. They must be paid enough heed and the life and dignity of their families should be ensured forever.
Moreover, the state must reinforce the soldiers and equip them with strong arms in order to mitigate the insurgency. Our soldiers, who fight not only to protect nation’s rights but also to root out radicalism, should be considered the national heroes and heroines.
Their sacrifices are highly appreciable, and their names should be eternal in our history. Hence, the government is to prevent from further casualties of Afghan combatants and non-combatants through developing effective strategies.  

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.