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High media council procedure approved

۱۲سرطلان شورای عا لی رسانه ها سر پرست وزارت اطا عات فر هنک خیرمحمد 1

KABUL: Chaired by Hasina Safi, the acting minister of information and culture, the media high council meeting was held discussing an inclusive procedure, through which, all work procedures of the high media council would be specified and implemented in accordance to the media law, BNA reported Tuesday.

The members of the High Media Council, after full discussion on the issue, approved the said procedure in 7 chapters and 56 articles, the agency said.  According to the agency, the contents of mass media policy was also approved of the council members.

The meeting resolved that the draft policy should be discussed in the next meeting.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.