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High consumption causes electricity load shedding

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Shortage and load shedding in electricity transmission during the summer times is the main reason behind electricity shortage in the country.
Although, load shedding of electricity in Kabul city is not unprecedented, but now not only Kabul city,even majority of provinces also are facing with shortage of electricity.
According to the reports released by media recently, the industrial parks of Kandahar are stopped because of lack of energy. But, what changed this problem as a great challenge for countrymenand women is the increasing warm weather in the country.
Although Kabul city is not that much warmer comparing to other cities of the country, but this year its citizens feel more the warmth of hot sun in lack of electricitythan other years.
They believe the Breshna Shirkat (The only Electricity utility company in Afghanistan) has no capability to supply electricity for citizens. Meanwhile a number of citizens of Kabul city saying that Breshna Shirkat was falling short of supplying of electricity for consumers.
The BreshnaShirkatthatis responsible for supplying, offering, transmitting and dealing of electricity didn’t take in hand a roadmap so that this problem fundamentally be investigated.
The Breshna Shirkat regards the main reason for this problem high consumption by customers and nonpayment of bills by powerful individuals.
The spokesman of Breshna Shirkat Waheedullah Tauhidi says that transmission line of importing electricity had capacity of over 300 mgw, and the demand in warm weather reaches to 570 mgw, adding the company has also 50mgw extra thermal power and the electricity of Surobi and Naghlo power plants also are active and generate electricity.
“Feeling load-shedding in winter and summer seasons cause by high consumption of electricity that the consumers should consider it.Because, this inflicts negative impact on quality of energy.”
Tawheedi adds that about 70 mgw electricity that is generating through Naghlo and Surobi dams, over 40 mgw of its electricity is transmitted to Nangarhar and remaining to Kabul city during night and 50 mgw thermal power also adds to it.
The Breshna Shirkat demands from its consumers till extending of 2000 mgw electricity to Kabul, our compatriots should consume less power and be cautious in the connection.
This demand is more focusing to facilities and establishments that are using more AC.
In winter those electrical means with consuming of high voltage of power impacts negatively on energy qualitative and quantitatively and we face with more load-shedding, Tawheedi stated that “this problem would continue till Oct. 2019 and within this time, we would face shortage of electricity.”
He regards irregular turn on andoff of electricity in some regions as short-circuits. “If we face with technical problems, our technical colleagues address it.”
According to Tawheedi, De Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat is responsible to purchase, generate, sell and distribute electricity and till the ministry of energy and water is working on establishment of great water dams and until that, “we are facing with such problems andshould benefit from importing electricity.”
“How much domestic electricity be increased, naturally the importing electricity is reducing.”
To address this problem, what is the plan of Breshna Shirkat in the connection? Tawheedi responded that the BreshnaShirkat always was laying emphasize on cooperation of private sector in this respect, “and we want the latter to help us in generating of energy.”
The Breshna Shirkat is ready via long-term agreement to purchase electricity normally from private sector from 20 to 50 years.
On the other, it is seen that offer and demand is not proportionately, Tawheedi says that if the private sector helps us in the connection and invest, the demand will remove and it would also help the supply of electricity as well.
Now, in the level of country, the demand for electricity reaches to 7000 mgw but, our supply in domestic networks reaches to 1300 mgw along with electricity imported from overseas. He believes the only solution is increment in domestic supply of electricity so that the capacity be promoted.
On the other, critics are existed to the address of ministry of energy and water because of non-construction of great electricity generating dams.
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