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Hidden sediments of violence against women


A precise analyses of news and reports released on newspapers narrates increasing violence in society. Although violence has been considered simultaneous with creation of mankind but under current circumstances, this problem has been expanding under the effect of different reasons and methods.
To recognize different aspects and dimensions of violence, recognition of its hidden layouts and prevailing conditions on society is essential.
Certainly releasing of violent news can help social insecurity sense, because social insecurity sense appear only and only when the citizens are not able to essential prediction on behavior of their fellow-creatures.
Answering this social problem, experts of different fields have made diverse assessments based on sociologic, psychologic and biologic ideas and express the reason of violence according to these ideas. When a violence takes place and the first question is asked from perpetrator, the answer is expressed with a short sentence, “I had no other option”, this sentence indicates that beside overt motives of violence, there are a series of hidden or covert incentives that force individual to commit violence. These motives could be assessed in two social and individual dimensions.
In social aspect the defective structure of society is considered as an incentive for violence and exploiting available gaps, the individual commit violence. The method of approach of law as well as the people conception of culprit leave high effect on repeat of crime.
In traditional societies, most crimes result in isolation of criminal from society but under current circumstances taking into account less effective legal approaches, the violence has been changed to a method. Albeit, the social structure weakness is not only in approach with criminals because in some cases, unsound structures insistence on relation and ignoring of lawfulness cause reactions by individuals.
Other aspect of violence relates to position and role of individual in society. Seeking violence as a solution is a strategy for reaching goal by the individual, although this strategy has individual orgine but its incentives are still under the effect of social factors.
Under such circumstances, violence is considered as a preventive or positive step. Because in a defective system he/she lacks capability to express his talent and gain his right in society.
Such a confused person who witnesses discrimination and injustice and inequality, resorts to such works that ultimately would culminate to verbal and physical violence.
In the beginning, individual violence is not accompanied by physical approach but it would begun with threat, and continue within framework of verbal violence. Verbal violence would be concerning only when its in the direction of threat to death or mental damages. Threat and dread are among individual violences. The complicated and invisible aspects of mental violence which are often ignored, should be scrutinized.
Physical encounters are other dimension of violence that leave injuries and wounds behind. The first conception that has taken shape in society for this violence is the gender grounds of violence that have historical and cultural roots.
The following questions raise here: whether violence is an act of man? Does violence relate to gender? Whether man or women enjoy particular talents and grounds to exert violence? And similar questions.
Majority of social experts believe that gender plays important role in physical violences. Therefore according to their claim, the talent of domination and rebellion exist in nature of all people, but this talent is more in men than women due to prevailing social culture and physic of this strata. Due to their physical power and capabilities, the men enjoy preparedness to impose physical encounter.
The institutionalized male-diminution divides violence in two categories of accepted and illegal violence.
Accepted violence takes shape in society when the ruling historical and cultural grounds call it permissible in some cases or don’t negatively react to imposing of certain violences.
Violence against women in some societies is a testimony to our claim that has roots in male-dominated history of that society, the male-domination that considers women parts of its assets and properties and women in that society lacks a suitable position.
Although social development and emphasize on civil society has caused reduction of the rate of this violence but there are men who consider family violence an accepted issue.
Abdul Akbar Noorzad

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