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Herat should be included in UN list of cultural heritages


At present, Herat has over eight hundred historical monuments and ancient remnants including Ekhteyaruddin castle, Jam Minarets, grave of Queen Gawharshad Begum, tomb of Amir Ali Sher Nawayee, Tomb of Mavlana Abdurrahman Jami, Malan Bridge and Jews Synagogue which are among biggest ancient and cultural relics in this province.
It should be acknowledged that in the past years certain efforts had been made to find constructive and effective solutions on preservation of Herat historical monuments and relics.
There were a series of issues including UN recommendation on preparedness for registration of Herat historical monuments.
Therefore, unfortunately these monuments had not been included in UN list of cultural heritages. Now efforts are made to remove current shortage and include them in UN list of cultural heritages and attract cooperation of international organizations including UNESCO and Ississio for preservation and rehabilitation of Herat monuments.
Fortunately in the last few years, the MoIC has allocated over US $ one million for inclusion of Herat cultural heritages and UN list and after removal of shortages, and in future preservation and rehabilitation of these relics be guaranteed through relevant UN agencies.
Talking on the quick registration of these relics in UN list, Director of Herat provincial department of Information and Culture said, work is intensively going on, for registration of Herat ancient monuments in UN list of cultural heritages. For inclusion of a historical city like Herat in UN list of ancient heritages, as a first step we should make an ID card that work is going on about this program.
Based on historical evidents, Herat had been capital of Temorids Dynesty from 1401-1506 and during that period, this city had achieved peak of progress and flourishing and due to this reason, certain historical texts of Herat have been called “Florance of Asia”.
Due to importance of historical monuments of ancient city of Herat, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani issued an order and instructed that all revenues from visit of tourists, should be invested for rehabilitation and rebuilding of historical monuments of Herat city.
He added, we are trying to prevent illegal constructions near and invicinity of Herat ancient monuments and according to president order all revenues earned from visit of tourists be spend and invested for their rehabilitation.
A big seminar is expected to be convened on the occasion of commemoration of 579th death anniversary of Queen Gawharshad Begum and her cultural and artistic masterpieces be appreciated with participation and presence of representatives of domestic cultural foundations, cultural professionals, dignitaries, civil activists, through MoIC. This seminar is expected to pave better way for rebuilding and rehabilitation and preservation of ancient Herat historical relics and ground of inclusion of this historical and ancient city in UN list of cultural heritages be paved.
In late winter of 1397 solar year, rumors spread on possible collapse of one of the minarets inside Fakhrul Madress madrasa which is one of the memorials of Queen Gawharshad Begum that had been curved, and was reinforced with metal cables.

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