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Herat security conference; a horizon to lasting peace

Need for lasting peace in Afghanistan has now drawn attention from the regional countries, as there is no option to develop political and economic issues, unless to help resotre stability in the war-affected country.
The Seventh two-day Herat Security Dialogue, with representatives from home and foreign countries participation, began in western Herat province on Friday.
They discussed some key matters of common interests, mainly focusing on Afghanistan and regional peace and security.
Key agenda, such as Afghanistan conflict, political system, Afghanistan economy, Afghanistan and the Grand South Asian Bargain, issues related to the Taliban and what they wanted in their plan to continue war or join peace process, Afghanistan’s foreign policy status, the way forward that is there a need for a second Bonn conference, have been reportedly among the agenda discussed in the Friday’s conference in the province.
The conference participants said that security of the region, particularly of Afghanistan was seriously under threat by militants and that the Afghan partners should come together with a solid stance on the most important issue to overcome the menace.
Appearing in the grand event, Uzbekistan President’s Special Representative for Afghanistan said that his country will continue making effort to help the annual trade level reach $1 billion, between the two countries and that the plan would provide more facilities to the Afghan investors.
But the honesty of the conference participants and the Afghan peace stakeholders, like Afghanistan immediate neighbor Pakistan and Iran and other foreign countries with full or partial presence in the country, is a need to reach the goal.
The key to a developed economy is security and if peace and security wanted to be restored in the country, other side of conflict, which are the Taliban should be convinced to come to a negotiation table to directly start peace talks with the government peace officials.
On the other, the armed oppositions should be assured that they are given portion in the system, and that they would have the right to be consulted in many key issues of the government and most importantly all their leaders and supporters are safe and secure, after joining peace process.
So, the government of the national unity, since its establishment, has time and again announced that it was ready for holding direct peace talks with the entire government oppositions, particularly the Taliban as there is no option to use for the country’s stability, unless to resort to peace for which many senior officials of the high peace council have been killed or wounded.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.