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Herat marble mine extraction begins after 9 months pause


By: Dawoud Nejrabi

The marble mine producing union of Herat demanding government to prepare the ground for export of half processed marble so that this mine to be exported to different parts of the world.
This union believes export of half-processed marble mine is common in the world, and for Afghanistan, this would cause economic positive impacts.
On the other, the local administration of Herat says that merchants and mine workers of Herat should invest more on production of qualified marble mine so that the economic growth of Herat be increased.
About 50 factories are active in Herat that produce different varieties of marble-mine commodities that their needed mines are produced from eight mines active in eastern districts of this province.
Export of half-processed marble mine:
With having much marble mine, Herat is famous in west of Afghanistan the mine that beside domestic markets, has also vast customers in world markets.
This mine is the main locomotive for functioning of producing machine and economic growth of Afghanistan.
The Herat marble mine is used in outer and inner sights of administrative and residential constructions and its industrialists gained good market inside of the country.
In such a manner, the union of producing of marble mine of Herat believes for further economic growth of Herat, it is necessary the central government of Afghanistan should evaluate the draft of export of half-processed marble mine.
Head of union of marble mine production of Herat, Atawullah Popal says that the factories are active in Herat industrial township have no strength to produce different commodities of marble mine.
He added that the government officials should think about export of half-processed marble mine to overseas.
According to Popal, the export of half-processed marble mine to abroad is common in the world and China and Italy are enjoying from production of different varieties of marble mine commodities and say that Afghanistan should also pursue the export of half-processed marble mine to these two countries, so that the currency further be circulated.
Popal elucidated that the presidential office recommend him, after ending of election process the case of draft of export of half-processed marble mine would be sent to this office.
Marketing of marble mine:
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting held on the occasion of inauguration of TAPI project in 2017 hinting explicitly to Herat marble mines suggested to his Turkmenistan counterpart that the producing factories of this country can benefit from marble mine of Herat for beautiful constructions in his country.
Ashqabad city is famed as marble mine city for using of marble mine in its buildings.
At the same time, the spokesman of Herat governor, Jilani Farhad says in his few months back tour to Turkmenistan, the governor of Herat met with two governors of Ashqabad and Mari about purchasing of marble mine of Herat. Farhad says that these meetings were taken place in maintaining balance between export and import of merchandized between the two nations.
Similarly, he asserted that the mayor of Ashqabad pledged him an exhibition of Herat marble mine would be opened in capital city of Ashqabad for the purpose of marketing of this mine and availing the opportunity, the merchants can bring economic utility.
Now, eight factories are functioning in Chesht of Herat and labors are engaged in extraction of this mine.
In Industrial Township of Herat, 48 productive factories are active for production of different varieties of marble- mine commodities.
Half-processed marble mine cost:
Despite the union of Herat marble mine producers are in favor of export of half-processed marble mine to abroad and reported about the promises given to it in the connection but the department of mines and petroleum of Herat laying emphasize that based on economic policy of government, those companies produce marble mine should have capability to increase skills and remove the requirements of markets in overseas.
Head of mines and petroleum of Herat, Zia-ul-Haq Popal says that export of half-processed marble has no special economic worth for Afghanistan.
It is mentionable that extraction of marble mine of Herat because of adjustments of some benefits of government agreements with extractor companies was stopped for nine months. But, as of two week to date, and with the removal of some cases discussed by government and companies, the extraction of marble mine began again.
Despite the correct estimation about the standard of Herat marble mine is not available but, it is said that there are marble mine in distance of 160 km between the districts of Pashtoon Zarghoon and Dara Takht.
Blackmail of marble-mine extractors:
Production of marble mine of Herat also is facing with security ups and downs.
The blackmailing of miner of marble mine by Taliban was issued by different local and national media of Afghanistan.
Head of producing union of marble mine of Herat says that there is no detail about standard of blackmailing of companies by Taliban but it should be discussed.
He added that there is no fix information in the case but production of marble mine in insecure areas, sometime faces with some problems and after a while, the factories start their activities again.
Trafficking of half-processed marble is another issue that should be discussed.
Despite the office of governor and the union of export of marble mine and department of mines and petroleum refute this issue but some resources said that half-processed marble mine are trafficking through legal routes and Islam Qala customhouses instead of similar commodities easily to abroad.

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