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Herat-Khawaf railway links Afghanistan with Europe


The local authorities of Herat province have proclaimed that the remaining work of construction of railway of Herat-Khawaf would be completed withintwo months.
The Islamic Republic of Iran committed to complete the project work with construction of this railway, via Iran, the Herat province of Afghanistan links with Europe.The project fund is paid by Iran as gratis aid to Afghanistan.
According to local authorities, 61 km of this railway is constructed till Ghorian district inside Afghanistan but over one decade has been passed since delaying of its official inauguration.
The third part of this railway from Ghorian district till near to Herat industrial park in south of the city is committed by the National Unity Government of Afghanistan, but it is still unknown when the pledge to be executed.
The authorities in government of Afghanistan say that with construction of this railway, this country to be linked with Europe via Iran.Based on the program of government of Afghanistan, the Turkmenistan railway should also be reached to Industrial township of Herat so that to be linked with Herat-Khawaf railway.
Despite this, the cities of Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat also to be linked by railway.But, practically, the railway of Herat-Khawaf that its work is going on, its construction work began in 2016 and it was planned to be completed within three years with expenditure of $ 87 million but so far, has not been completed and would be inaugurated in the near future.
The administrative in charge of Herat railway, Ahmad Belal says that the railway of Khawaf-Herat begins from the area of Chah-e-Surkh Iran and extended till Rozang district of Ghorian.
This phase estimated 61 km that constructed via gratis aid of Islamic Republic of Iran.Now, the Iranian company work is going on and its 57 km is rolled.
According to the project in charges, the project would be completed till next two months.
With opening of this railway in Ghorian district of Herat, the project would also be incomplete. Because another part of the project begins from Ghoriandistrict till industrial township of Herat province that is committed by government of Afghanistan and in this part, the practical work doesn’t begin so far.
A number of capital holders of Afghanistan say that if the railway of Khawaf-Herat only be stopped in Ghorian district, this would have no benefit for them.
Concern of traders about slow process of the project:
One of traders and industrialists of Afghanistan in Herat says that all possibilities should be provided in center of Herat and laid to utility there, because it is problematic for them as well as uneconomical.
So, the railway should be built till last destination.
The authorities of Herat say that the government of Afghanistan is making effort to provide financial resources for construction of last part of the project.
Head of public works department of Herat province said that another part of this project that is committed by government of Afghanistan and has 87 km length is divided into two phases.
Italy promised to help over $ 40 million for construction of part of the project. The government is making effort to convince this country so that to contribute in completion of the project.
The merchants and local authorities believe that construction of railway in Herat of Afghanistan would help growth economy of western part of Afghanistan extra-ordinarily. One of these individuals, Khalil Yarmand believes that if this railway be constructed completely, would have no one-side role and would accelerate the export of Afghanistan from the west of this country.
He added that we hope another part of Khawaf-Herat railway to be constructed so that the private sector to utilize from its economic capacities well.
Fortunately, Herat has 119 export items to be sent to overseas.
Fresh and dried fruits, vegetable, carpet and marble is part of these items.
Despite railway links Iran with Herat, it is considered that the railway of Turkmenistan that only its three km is rehabilitated inside Afghanistan, to be reached to the central of Herat province so that to be linked with the railway of Herat-Khawaf.
On the other, the government of Afghanistan drew a program for extension of railway from northern province of Balkh till Herat but so far, these programs are remaining only on the paper.
Dawoud Nejrabi

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