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Herat custom makes recording revenue in single day

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By: Shukria

Last Tuesday was a historical day for Herat customs, according to relevant officials. With a revenues of Afs 137.2 million in one day, the name of Herat customs was once again murmured by local and central authorities and this unprecedented revenues income caused the provincial council to further laden the responsibilities on the shoulders of that custom.
Now the members of Herat provincial council are awaiting serious war on corruption and more increase of revenues of the customs. Reciprocally, the response of Herat customs officials to provincial authorities is “Calm Process of Reforms” in different branches of the customs.
During the last one or two months, customs of Herat has been facing several problems including collective strike of its employees, press conferences of local officials, members of provincial council, lawmakers all in one day.
Insecurity, threat to death, murder and kidnapping of customs’ officials and commissioners, had caused increase of Herat customs concern than before.
Three revenues’ creating pivots in Herat:
Last Tuesday, Herat customs managed to collect Afs 137.2m in one day and register an unprecedented record of revenues in the history of Afghanistan customs. In an interview with The 8am daily reporter, Director of Herat customers, Hamdullah Hamdard said that these amounts were collected in Herat, Islamqala and Torghondi customs Afs 8.9m, Afs 127.7m and Afs 6.6 respectively.
Hamdard added, due to certain problems on Islamqala port, negative impact of presidential oath taking ceremony, shutting down of Da Afghanistan Bank system, on Monday only Afs 7m was collected in Herat customs.
He added, I have undertaken certain gradual reforms process among the employees and our revenues will be slowly increasing. If socio- economic, political situation process move on that nationals causes, this year, Herat customs will have access to target of Afs 31.5 billion which has been setup by MoF.
Economist Yaqoob Mashooaf believes that taking into account the data of Herat customs, if there is no corruption, its daily revenues will be increasing. If legal approach is applied on economic mafia in Herat customs, the revenues situation of this body will be unique at the level of the country. The government is required to fight corruption, otherwise only in few days, Herat will be witnessing reduction of customs’ revenues.
Ghulam Habib Hashimi a member of Herat provincial council believes that increase in revenues of the customs has direct link with increase in responsibility of its leading body. Talking on disorders and extensive chronical corruption in Herat costums, he emphasizes that war on corruption must be started and continued at all levels here to enable this income creating body to give more and better glad tidings to people.
Hashimi asked senior authorities in the capital and Herat province to undertake better plans on war in corruption and corruption elements in Herat.

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