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Hemmat encourages athletes to fight social unrests, corruption via sport


By: Nangyalai Osmani

Sport is not only for fun, but it follows some certain roles as a mean of training for treatment of vast socio psychological goals. These goals have their own roles in formation of individuals’ personality as well.
This sector strengthens the spiritual worthies among nations, the sport reporter of The Kabul Times has interviewed with one of forerunners of sport field that is presented as below:
Miagul Hemmat is born in beautiful province of Panjsher in 1348 solar year. He is one of forerunners in Kung Fu that now, is working as sport director of education command of ministry of interior.
Because of having interest in gymnastic, 33 years back, I began Kung Fu under supervision of Ustad Rahim Yousufi, the founder of Kung Fu in Afghanistan. Hemmmat added that in competitions held among young generations in sport clubs, he was the champion in his own weight.
In connection with his achievements in the field of sport, he said, that won four gold medals and one championship cub.
Hemmat stated that in decades of 50s to 60s, the gymnastics were facing with much problems and the ground was not prepared for attending sport competitions abroad. He asserted that it is pride for him that work as a sport master in sport society of the youths.
In regard with specifications and character of a sport master, Hemmat continued that forbearing is one of sport morals. “Because, the sport master is working with children and adolescents. So, if the master of sport be lack of forbearing, it would cause, this segment of society be inconvenient,” he said.
Miagul Hemmat commended gymnasts and added that sportsmen and women should refrain from joblessness and fight against corruption and laziness.
Through this, the youth should expand their relations with other segments of the society and keep their health via exercising of gymnastics, he added.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.