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Helmand’s Marja district recaptured by ANDSF after long while

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By: The Kabul Times

HELMAND: Ministry of national defense reported that Afghan security forces by launching military operation succeeded to retake Marja district, Helmand province after 4 years.
According to BNA report, ministry of national defense by releasing a statement issued that the military operation has started two weeks ago, as a result Marja district have completely been cleared from being of Taliban fighters.
More than 38 Taliban fighters including Mullah Abdul Bari a top commander of Taliban were killed and dozens more were wounded during the military operation, the statement added.
Also, Afghan security personnel succeeded to discover and confiscate 103 round of different type of mines in various parts of Marja district during the military operation, the statement further added.
Two storages of explosive materials and six military centers belonged to Taliban group have been demolished in the operation, the statement concluded.

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