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Helmand security situation will soon get normal

us forces hit taliban with airstrikes in helmand province to support afghan security forces

By: Suraya Raiszada

As fighting is ongoing between Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and Taliban fighters in various parts of Helmand including outskirts of Lashkargah, the provincial capital, officials for the country’s defense and security organs are assuring that security situation in the province will soon get normal.
Following large-scale attacks of Taliban on various districts of Helmand and the provincial capital, acting minister of defense Asadullah Khalid paid a visit to the province and met local officials. In his meetings with local officials of the province, acting minister of defense said the country’s defense and security forces are well-prepared to defend the province and parts of areas that have fallen to the Taliban would be soon freed and cleared of presence of Taliban fighters.
Praising the country’s defense and security forces for their bravery and achievements, acting minister of defense said Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have been able to repulse Taliban attacks and suppress their fighters sustaining heavy casualties in the past one week.
Meanwhile, local officials in the province have informed of wide-spread plan for operation and suppressing Taliban fighters in outskirts of the provincial capital, saying that military operative plan has been prepared and will be soon implemented in the province.
“Taliban fighters have launched large-scale attacks on 3rd and 4th PDs of the provincial capital where Taliban have been faced with continued resistance of the country’s defense and security forces,” said Omar Zwak, a spokesperson to Helmand governor.
Following Taliban attacks on Lashkargah and some districts of the province, the UN OCHA informed that more than 5,000 families have been displaced from their areas. Based on the report, nearly 200 people have been killed and wounded in the attacks.
A number of Afghan experts and representatives of Helmand people in parliament believe that Taliban have divided into two groups, saying that one of the groups is in favor of peace, while the other group is against any peace deal; therefore, the latter group has joined other terrorist groups particularly al Qaeda and is fighting against Afghan security forces.
“As fighting is ongoing in outskirts of Lashkargah and other districts of Helmand, it is good that ANDSF should be prepared and equipped with further military equipment so that they can foil increasing attacks of the Taliban group and prevent from civilian casualties,” said Yarmand, a former military officer.
Meanwhile, Hadi Khalid, former deputy of interior and military expert, believes that experiences have shown that armed opponent groups are making effort to create insecurities in the country particularly strategic provinces.
He said that the government should make further effort to strengthen and equip the ANDSF’s intelligence organs. He also insisted on increasing coordination between the country’s defense and security organs.
This comes following recent visit of the country’s defense and security officials to Helmand where security officials have assured the people of maintaining better security in the province. Currently, serious fighting is ongoing between ANDSF and Taliban in Nawa, Nadali, Nahr-e-seraj, Marja, Bolan and Babaji areas of Lashkargah, the provincial capital.

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