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HEC tasks committee to review media’s report on trafficking of 32 ventilators

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By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the meeting of High Economic Council was held through a video conference the yesterday, a statement said. 
In the meeting, report of working group for management of aviculture products sector, plan for prevention from importing low-standard medicines and health products and the issue of renting electricity pylons and fiber optics of DABS were reviewed and discussed, the presidential press office statement added. 
In the meeting, deputy minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock spoke and said that currently the country was going towards gradual self-sufficiency in aviculture industry as the private sector has been able to address most of demands of the people for the aviculture industry in the country.
The High Economic Council instructed the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock to work closely with relevant organs on chain of the value of aviculture industry in the country and deliver its particular plan in this regard to the council.  
Meanwhile, members of the high economic council asked for further investment of the country’s private sector in this regard so that the country could reach to full self-sufficiency in accordance to particular timeline.
In the meeting, acting minister of public health Dr. Mohammad Jawad Osmani delivered the meeting report in connection with inventory of all ventilators.
He said that after reports of trafficking of ventilators to the neighboring country, they talked to provincial directorates of public health who assured of inventory of all ventilators assisted by donor countries.
Acting minister of public health promised that all documents for inventory of ventilators with serial numbers would be provided and shared with media and the people of Afghanistan.
President Ghani in this regard said that Afghanistan government not only welcome media’s report leading to transparency and prevention of corruption but also supports seriously the media in this regard.
For further clearance of rumors in connection with trafficking of 32 ventilators to a foreign country and transparently reporting to the people of Afghanistan, the high economic council tasked a committee to impartially, seriously and precisely review the issue with close cooperation of mass media commission in consideration to evidence and document and deliver its report to presidential office.
Afterwards, plan for prevention of importing and trafficking the low-standard medicines and health products to the country was delivered by acting minister of public health. The high economic council tasked the ministry of public health to talk to trusted producers of medicines in the world particularly India and Brazil to purchase high-quality medicines continually and regularly.
At the end of the meeting, plan for giving rent of the electricity pylons and fiber optics was delivered by Da Afghanistan Breshna Sharkat (DABS) to the high economic council.
The council approved the plan in principle and tasked DABS that the plan could reduce the price of internet to the people.

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