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Haroon Hakimi introduced as deputy minister for art & culture

۲۰ثور معرفی محمد هارون حکیمی به حیث معین فر هنګ و هنر وزارت اطلاعات فرهنګ عکاسی سلطانی 3

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Haroon Hakimi was introduced as deputy minister of information and culture for art and culture here yesterday.
In a ceremony held on this occasion, deputy of presidential administrative affairs Dr. Abdul Karim Totakhil while introducing Haroon Hakimi said Ministry of Information and Culture with its young deputy ministers would boost the ministry’s prestigious position.
“Based on instruction of the country’s President, good employment opportunities have been provided to Afghan youth,” Totakhil said, hoping the Afghan youth could make use of the opportunities towards development of the country.
Afterwards, acting minister of information and culture Mohammad Tahir Zuhair spoke and said the ministry was responsible to manage the country’s culture, history and civilization as it was the torchbearer of all spiritual and financial honors.
“Experiences have proved that it was the culture which could bring prosperity, development, peace and security,” Zuhair said, adding that culture in Afghanistan has been sidelined in recent years and not revived what was expected.
Acting minister of information and culture further said that the people of Afghanistan have defeated super powers of the world but they were still far away from the carvan of development and culture, stressing that without cultural development, it was impossible to reach development and prosperity.
Pointing to appointment of Haroon Hakimi as deputy minister for art and culture, acting minister of information and culture hoped the newly-appointed deputy minister would do good jobs towards development of art and culture as he was a hardworking and experienced cadre of the country.
In the ceremony, the newly-appointed deputy minister for art and culture Haroon Hakimi promised that would make effort to work towards development of art and culture.


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