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Handicrafts fair held in Ferdawsi Park

Afghan Iran handicrafts

In coordination with the ministry of commerce and industries and women chamber of commerce, a handicrafts exhibition held in Kabul’s Ferdawsi Park. In-charges believe that holding such shows would help prepare the ground for women handicrafts’ marketing.
Officials of the ministry for commerce and industries told The Kabul Times the fair aimed to provide the ground for finding a market for women handicrafts as they could follow with good achievements so far.
In this exhibition, the women handicrafts displayed in 55 boots and 60 companies including clothing, jewelries, herbal plants, foodstuff, shoes and handbag companies were participated.
It is hoped the move could be effective in finding market for women handicrafts.
According to the officials, this is the first market held for women over the last four year.
Calling holding such exhibitions effective for women, a commerce and industries’ ministry in-charge Fazila Azizi said that the ministry of commerce and industries has always made effort to support women and there is no doubt the women can play key role in the country’s economic growth.
She said the thought of market to display women handicrafts was among her ministry’s plans that have been presented to women since three years.
Entrepreneur women from Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Nangarhar and Parwan provinces attended the fair.
The ministry of commerce and industries is working on standards, capacities, designs and financial problems the women are facing with.
Bibi Sherin who has put her handcrafts into display said that holding such fairs was very necessary to sell our goods.
She has a handicrafts shop in Babur Garden where forty destitute women are working with her and they are satisfied with this job.
She expects the government to pave the way for them in international markets so they economically reach self-sufficiency.
She asked the ministry of commerce and industries and women chamber of commerce to hold such fairs in and abroad, so the women are encouraged to make better hand-made products.
Massouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.