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‘H4AH supports ANDSF heroes’

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Help for Afghan Heroes (H4AH) is an Afghan-registered, apolitical, non-profit organization (charity) founded in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2016.  H4AH strives to help Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) members who have been wounded or injured and the families of ANDSF heroes who have been martyredserving the country.
One thousand ANDSF heroes have so far been registered in the charity.
The charity’s media in-charge, Hamida Sala told The Kabul Times our mission is to help deliver an enduring national network of support for Afghan heroes by supporting wounded ANDSF personnel and families of deceased ANDSF servicemen and women. Additionally, we will seek to garner support for Afghan Heroes from Afghanistan’s international partners.
H4AH is tailored to support the families of those who have been injured or have lost their lives while serving Afghanistan, she added.
On charity’s health services she said, “H4AH is making effort to prepare the ground for psychological consultations to disabled and injured Afghan security forces, through which to return them to normal life.”
Likewise, the charity could pave the way for martyrs’ remaining in the field of receiving their salaries.
Furthermore, making documentary from Afghan forces’ braveries, sacrifices, pains and disabled and martyred families’ problems is the best way to deliver their messages in and abroad.
The charity’s emergency assistances are usually provided in winter, holy month of Ramadan and other occasions, she went on to say.
Replying a query she said, “To raise the Afghan security forces’ morale, the charity have so far assisted almost 1150 health insurance, 123 scholarships, aids in holy month of Ramadan and Eids to the Afghan forces’ martyred families.”
At the end, she asked religious ulama, influential figures, private sector, national traders, national and international donors to support the charity to further honor the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces braveries and sacrifices.

Karima Malikzada

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