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Greenhouses construction flourishing in Daikundi

عکس و مطلب کریمه درمورد سبز خانه ها

As an agricultural province, over 90 pc population of Daikundi are involved in agriculture and livestock breeding and recently construction of greenhouses and increase of products have been flourishing there and efforts are underway to make common construction of greenhouses in all districts.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter the head of Daikundi provincial department of agriculture Sayed Abdul Wahed Ferozi said, previously vegetables were imported from other provinces in Daikundi but we decided recently to start construction of greenhouses and protect local vegetables products, prevent their perishing and improve farmers revenues and since three years it has been progressing considerably.
Ferozi went on to say, although majority of people have been affected due to drought but major part of greenhouses activities are done by ladies specially widows or those who have no male supporters. All their vegetable products are protected in springhouses and then respectively supplied to bazzar that have left behind positive impacts on their self-sufficiency. Last year 180 springhouses were constructed in four districts with 90 pc share of females and 10 pc males and these springhouses have been built in Kajral, Shahristan, Kidi and Khidi districts as well as in the provincial center and are expected to be developed in other districts as samples too by the MoAIL. These houses are traditional and are covered by plastic, and irrigated by a dropping tube.
He added, we can keep vegetable products for ten months in these greenhouses. For construction of more greenhouses, the MoAIL has promised to allocate budget from contribution of India.
He clarified, the women’s council has been properly operating in agricultural, economic and social sectors and due to this reason, the provincial department has handed over greenhouses to women’s council and subsequently they shared it with active, poor, widowed and support less women that produced a good outcome. The people became enthusiast to make common construction of these plastic houses.
Talking on the capacity of these houses, Ferozi explained, over ten kinds of vegetables including green pepper, onion, corianders, cucumber, and tomatoes, etc are produced and protected in these places. Farmers grow vegetables according to their marketing.
Talking on their future plans, Ferozi said, we plan to expand these greenhouses to all districts. There are some districts in which vegetables are not common and even people don’t recognize vegetables and their common food consists of rice, bread or dairy products. Development of greenhouses is one of our basic plans among locals specially farmers and first of all among rich people.
There is a national livestock breeding and horticulture project in Daikundi which arranges greenhouses every year.
Our main problems include lack of budget and lack of standard training of farmers as majority of locals and farmers don’t know the advantages of vegetables and greenhouses and even their production.
If there was vegetable production, there was no marketing in majority of districts.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.