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Govt would not attend the second Qatar meeting of political parties with Taliban


Although a number of representatives of political parties are preparing to attend the second meeting face to face with Taliban in Qatar, the Arg spokesman address this meeting futile and said that the government representatives would not attend it.

Deputy presidential spokesman Shah Hussein Mortazawi has said that the government is not an obstacle for peace efforts and would not create any obstacles for participants of Doha meeting. But there is a difference between peaceful meetings and peace talks.

A number of political parties who are expected to depart to Qatar said that if effective figures of civil society, political parties and authoritized representatives of Talban gather and talk on peace, such meeting could be called “Intra-Afghan peace talks” absolutely.

Chairman of parties political committee Mohammad Nateqi said, the expected meeting among political parties, civil society and Taliban in Qatar is an inclusive intra-Afghani talks to reach  single goals. 14 technical and professional representatives of parties, civil society and important politicians would carry out talks with Taliban. These 14 people would be representatives or leaders of seven major political parties.

Nateqi added, representatives of Arg, Sapedar Palace, former president Hamid Karzai, jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasual Sayyaf and a number of representatives of civil society would also attend this meeting. The Doha meeting is expected to be held late April. These participants had already met in Moscow in absence of government representatives.    

The participants called their talks constructive and emphasized on it’s continuation but presence of jihadi leaders provoked strong criticisms.        

The participants of upcoming Doha meeting said that end of war, bilateral ceasefire, the destiny of Taliban armed militants following the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, constitution and achievements of the recent 18 years would be the main topics of the meeting.

Although chairman of HPC secretariat Mohammad Omar Daudzay has asked the participants of the second Doha meeting to postpone the meeting until holding of loya Jirga, but these representatives rejected the request and said that presence or absence of government representative is not important in such meeting, because in their opinion, despite of HPC and government continued efforts, Taliban refused to talk directly with government.

Spokesman of Islamic Unity Party of People of Afghanistan Abbas Agah said, this meeting is in benefit of government because in which all participants directly share their demands to each other to reach an expected result.

Deputy leader of National Islamic Movement Party of Afghanistan Abdullah Qarloq said, in this meeting the destiny of Taliban militants would be clear. Political parties should reach an understanding with Taliban that in the wake of withdrawal of American forces, their armed militants would not be a threat to others.

Civil society bodies welcome holding of second Doha meeting and said that every step taken for peace, is useful and as much as the peace talks are expanded, the peace discussion would be more clear and the requests of all involved parties would be clear in this process.

Chairman of Civil Society Complex (CSC) Aziz Rafiyee said, if the representative of CSC attend Qatar meeting, they would take up the destiny of the constitution, achievements of the last 18 years, role of government in peace talks, role of the region in peace process and if there is international understanding among superpowers on peace talks or not.

Prior to this US special envoy for Afghanistan peace Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad had requested the Afghan government to setup an inclusive and national delegation to begin peace talks with Taliban. Khalilzad rejected the 12 member delegation of government and said that an inclusive and national delegation is needed to be formed.

The government said that formation of the national negotiating delegation to start peace talks with Taliban, has not been finalized yet.

Deputy presidential spokesman Shah Hussein Mortazawi said that if the political parties send list of their representatives to the government, this inclusive delegation would be formed.

The political parties said that they would not accept the government plan on formation of such a delegation. Chief of parties political committee said that negotiation lines and principals have already been specified with Taliban and negotiating delegation of political parties is expected to enter talks with Taliban. The Kabul Times     


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