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Govt. willing to uproot corruption, President Ghani

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KABUL: During a meeting to mark ‘International Anticorruption Day’, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that a number of people think reforms’ scouts want to dig a well to others, but some others believe that bringing reforms would help pave the way for a bright and good future, the Presidential Palace said in a statement on Sunday.
The president said after Sep. 11 attack, Afghanistan has been seriously paid heed.
He added billions of dollars have been pumped into Afghanistan, but why have our waters not managed, our roads have not been constructed and we didn’t enjoy any infrastructure now.
Because, we didn’t manage the money and preferred our personal interests than national one, an action caused us now not to have a good answer to the world countries that what we did with their money if they ask, according to the statement.
The president also offered the title of anticorruption martyrs to two judicial staff who lost their lives in fighting corruption.
One of the ways to fight corruption is to bring generation change.
The young leadership that is now in front of we all, have been facing drastic resistances, but they could reach this position, the president continued.
If we don’t appoint young committed leaders in different organs, it means that we will return to back, he added.
“I and the government are willing to uproot corruption, this move would continue and the people, media, civil society and Ulama should also play their role in this regard,” he stressed.
He added that corruption and injustice hinder constitution’s implementation which will finally lead to poverty and insecurity.
The government of Afghanistan has so far done much to fight corruption and we will continue our struggle to reach our goal, because, fighting corruption is one of the holy religion of Islam’s values, President Ghani said.
At the end, the president said I appreciated the works done by head of administrative reforms commission Nadir Nadiri in term of civil services and Ajmal Ahmadi’s efforts that helped the government to complete World Bank indexes.
He also thanked Mr. Rassouli in term of entrance examination and Lawyer Rassouli in term of justice.
During the meeting, Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh briefed about the government’s steps on fighting corruption, reforms and laws’ adjustment.
Over the last four years and three months, the government of national unity could work on 390 legislative documents through the president’s second vice president office and laws’ committee, most of which have been proceeded and enforced, he added.
Lauding the president’s commitment on fighting corruption, the UN special representative for Afghanistan, the US and British ambassadors in Kabul said the government of Afghanistan had sustainable concentration in anticorruption. Calling corruption the biggest challenge, they thanked the government that has prioritized fighting corruption. At the end, a Memorandum of Understanding on Honesty was signed by the high ranking government officials titled ‘Moving Toward a Society Void of Corruption’.
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