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Govt. should prosecute Daesh fighters

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Afghanistan government is fighting Daesh in various parts of the country. If Daesh fighters are not eliminated, they will be able to deteriorate situation in Afghanistan worse than Syria and Iraq and the consequences will be more dangerous.
It is the responsibility of Afghanistan government to take action against Daesh fighters and prosecute them as well as not let them deteriorate situation in the country as they have committed crimes in various parts of the country.
In connection with surrendering a large number of Daesh fighters to ANDSF, local officials of Jawzjan in the country’s north said they have received dozens of official and oral complaints from residents of the province’s Darzab district regarding atrocities of Daesh fighters in the district. Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has also said that Afghanistan government had no right to forgive violators of human rights in the country.
Although Afghan National Army officials had said that the number of Daesh fighters who have surrendered to the government in Jawzjan was more than 150, but governor of the province declared the number to over 250 fighters.
According to Jawzjan governor Lutfullah Azizi, more than 100 official complaints have been registered against Daesh atrocities and more than 300 residents of the Darzab district have accused the group of having committed war crimes including rape and murder as well as torture and looting.
“The government should prosecute these murderers,” Azizi said, adding that no crimes would be ignored. He promised that those who have committed crimes and there were proofs and documents against them would be punished.
Most of Daesh crimes and atrocities have been documented in Facebook and Whatsapp’s posts and videos showing that Daesh fighters are set a blaze their opponents, stoning people, training under-aged children and shooting prisoners to dead.
Meanwhile, Daesh fighters took responsibility of killing six employees of ICRC last year and it caused that ICRC closed its programs in Afghanistan’s north. They have committed hundreds of crimes including rape, beheading and killing innocent people.
According to a security source, a 22-member team has been dispatched to Jawzjan to investigate from Daesh fighters as the government is serious for investigation the fighters.
It is said that nearly 250 Daesh fighters handed themselves over to Afghan security forces last week after a fierce battle with the Taliban. Among the fighters who surrendered were dozens of children and teenage soldiers – under the age of 18. It is also said that Mawlawi Habiburrahman, the military head of Daesh, and his deputy for the northern region of Afghanistan Nimatullah, and 250 of their fighters surrendered to security forces in Jawzjan province. Chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a meeting of council of ministers stressed that Daesh fighters who have surrendered to government should dealt as crime prisoners, asking security officials to adopt serious security measures. Darzab has been one of the most insecure districts in the province and has been the scene of heavy clashes in the past three years between government forces, Taliban and Daesh insurgents.


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