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Govt. should ensure security of Wedding Halls, citizens


By: Shukria Kohistani

The spokesman of ministry of interior, Nasrat Rahimi says that the security forces pay attention towards the security of wedding ceremonies.

In a briefing with The Kabul Times, a number of citizens of the country told the government of Afghanistan specially security institutions should pay attention in ensuring of wedding halls’ security.
This is in a time that few days back those compatriots who held the wedding ceremony in Dubai city (Share Dubai) Hotel in west part of Kabul city were targeted by a suicide attack that as a result, a number of our compatriots were martyred or wounded, men, women, children and girls were among victims.
One of Kabul citizens Maryam says unfortunately, the enemies of Afghanistan don’t permit our compatriots to celebrate their happinesses.
She added it is common that our compatriots held their happiness ceremonies especially wedding ceremonies in great halls of hotels. Because, our people are famous in hospitality and as they have no suitable place in their houses for celebrating wedding ceremonies and welcoming of guests they are compelling to celebrate such ceremonies in hotels.
The suicide attack occurred in Dubai city hotel jolted our compatriots. So if the government doesn’t pay attention towards maintaining security of wedding halls, after this, our compatriots wouldn’t dare to hold wedding ceremonies in hotels. According to her, the ministry of interior and the owners of hotels should maintain the security of hotels and the Dubai city hotel tragedy should not be repeated again.
At the same time, the union of wedding halls of city demanding government to ensure the security of wedding halls. According to owners of hotels, they are concerning about security of wedding ceremonies and those attend in them.
Head of this union, Mohammad Nader Qarghaee added that targeting wedding halls made them concerned. It is planned they would express their demand due to a meeting with the in-charges of security organs.
He said based on constitution, the government is obligated to maintain the security of capital holders.
At the same time, the head of wedding halls union of Kabul sayes that so far, they received no instruction based on provisional stoppage of wedding halls affairs.
Previously, some gossips were released about provisional stoppage of wedding halls in social media that were regarded as baseless by the incharges of ministry of interior.
This demand of owners of wedding halls setforth in a time that attack on wedding ceremony held in wedding hall of Dubai city hotel that took the lives of 73 people and wounded about 180 others.
This incident occurred in Saturday night Asad 26 and hereafter, the government postponed holding the festival of 100th independence anniversary day. Simultaneous with attack on Dubai city wedding hall, the ministry of interior says that it pays heed to security of wedding ceremonies.
According to in-charges concerned need is felt the owners of wedding halls and holders of wedding ceremonies to cooperate police in the connection.
The spokesman of ministry of interior, Nasrat Rahimi says that the security forces pay attention towards the security of wedding ceremonies.
According to him, public order police and part of intelligence services of the ministry to investigate all parts of the areas its security is threatening.
Similarly, Rahimi demanding the owners of wedding halls and holders of ceremonies during holding the wedding ceremonies make aware the police. With doing so, police would help maintain security of wedding ceremonies.
At the same time, the spokesman of interior ministry refuting the suspension of holding wedding ceremonies in Kabul, added that like before, our citizens can hold their wedding ceremonies in wedding halls.
Attack on the wedding hall of Dubai city took place in a time that over 1200 people were attending the ceremony and based on the law of wedding ceremony, the halls don’t host over 500 people at the same time.
Based on article 18th of law of wedding ceremony, the administrations of wedding halls should refrain from acceptance of over 500 people and also those who lack invitation card should not be permitted to attend the ceremony.
Head of union of wedding ceremony halls of Kabul city says that they paid attention in ensuring of security of those who attending the wedding ceremonies. According to him, those wedding halls which houses the ceremonies sans wedding ones in Kabul city, are not include of their union.
Last year, in an attack occurred in Uranoos wedding hall, over 50 people were killed and about 90 others wounded.
This attack was occurred when the birthday anniversary of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was marking.

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