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Govt. serious to eradicate Daesh in Afghanistan

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The leader of ISIL in Afghanistan was killed in air strikes in eastern Nangarhar province, the fourth head of the armed group to die since it emerged in the country in recent years.
Abu Saad Erhabi and 10 other Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Daesh, also known as ISIS) members being killed in a joint operation with coalition forces on Saturday night, local officials said on Sunday.
Nangarhar provincial governor said Abu Saad had been killed in a joint operation conducted by National Directorate for Security and Resolute Support forces.
He said over the last two months, as many as 200 IS commanders and fighters had been killed in different parts of the province.
In fact, killing IS key commanders and leaders indicate the will and seriousness of the Afghan government in fighting terrorism.
This move also proves that a number of neighboring countries’ allegations and claims on lack of transparency in war by the Afghan security forces and their international counterparts against Daesh group are baseless, and there is no doubt the government of Afghanistan is decisive in war on terror.
A number of regional countries are excusing that Daesh group is growing in Afghanistan and there is no will to suppress them. That is why they have maintained relations with Taliban and claim through this, they want to prevent influencing Daesh in the region.
They justify their support from Taliban as a move to prevent IS movements in Afghanistan and the region.
Russian officials have times and again claimed that Daesh is growing in Afghanistan and this can be a danger to Central Asian countries and Russia.
On February, during a meeting held between Russian foreign minister and his Pakistani counterpart, Russian FM said thousandsof IS fighters were operating in north of Afghanistan and warned this can threaten Central Asian countries and Russia’s security.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has always warned of Daesh influence in Afghanistan.
This comes as these Russian officials’ remarks have always been reacted by Afghanistan and US governments.
The government of Afghanistan has always stressed that joint cooperation is needed to fight terrorism.
The government of Afghanistan believes that such accusations would not solve any problems and if the neighboring and regional countries are concerned about their borders’ security, they should cooperate with Afghanistan in the respect.

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