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Govt. officials should not campaign for candidates: Dr. Abdullah

رییس اجراییه وظیفۀ کارکنان دولتی شرکت در کارزارهای انتخاباتی نه، ارایۀ خدمات به مردم است 8

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Chairing the Council of Ministers Meeting here at the Sapidar Palace yesterday morning, Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said no government officials can campaign for a certain candidate as the election campaigning began on Sunday. 
Dr. Abdullah said government is not a personal property of anyone and that people will decide to use the property in a way which will benefit the country. He said government does not expect anything from public servants and that they should continue their jobs based on the law.
“No one can ask you to work in favor or against a candidate. You should pay all your focus on your duties and responsibilities,” Dr. Abdullah reiterated. 
Hinting to Sunday’s attack on office of the first VP for the State Builder Electoral Team Amrullah Saleh, Dr. Abullah condemned the incident and called it an inhuman act and indeed an attack on freedom of people and democracy in the country. “The attack was to target people’s freedom will,” he said.
CE Abdullah went on saying that Afghan forces needed to pay attention to their works and not to interfere into election affairs.
The council of ministers meeting continued with security reports of the security organs, report on Shatoot dam construction by first VP of the Chief Executive, report of the Afghanistan Railway Authority, Kabul Municipality report on implementation of Traffic System in Kabul and other development reports of the ministries and independent directorates.
The presidential election campaign started on July 28 and will end on September 25. Eighteen candidates, including President Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, are running for president. The campaign would conclude 48 hours before voting.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.