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Govt. hopes next intra-Afghan dialogue be comprehensive, inclusive


By: Lailuma Noori

Amid continued progress in Afghanistan peace process, Afghanistan government says work is underway to form a new inclusive negotiating team whose members will be soon introduced. Currently, presidential office is working on combination of the team, unifying peace efforts and addressing concerns of political parties and civil organizations in connection with peace process. The government is also trying to find experienced individuals for the membership of the team.
“Our main goal is that the individuals and members who engage in negotiations on behalf of the Afghan people and the Afghanistan government should have enough experience and should be able to represent the people,” said Sediq Sediqi, a spokesperson to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.
Meanwhile, a number of representatives of people in national assembly are asking the government to introduce and form a national and inclusive negotiating team for talks with the Taliban group.
“The negotiating team should be inclusive and have members from different layers of society,” a lawmaker Waqif Hakimi said, adding that it should be an authorized team that can represent all the political parties, the civil society and the people of the country.
Afghanistan government hopes the next intra-Afghan dialogue will be comprehensive, concentrating and inclusive. Sources close to the Taliban said the group will have no objection if the Afghan government delegates attend the upcoming intra-Afghan meeting in Uzbekistan.
US has military presence in Afghanistan in accordance to its policy to defend its national security and believes Afghanistan had changed to safe haven for terrorist groups during the Taliban regime; therefore, the country will never leave Afghanistan unless US is given assurances that Afghanistan won’t change to a safe hub for terrorist groups. US also focuses on this issue in talks with the Taliban group.
US and all other international partners of Afghanistan have spent much for Afghan constitution and modern values believed that can play effective role in maintaining lasting peace and prevention from falling Afghanistan gain to terrorism. Therefore, protection all values and the country’s constitution is in top priority of Afghanistan national interests.
On the other hand, obstinacy and stubbornness as well as emphasis on talibanism are key characteristics of the Taliban group. Besides, Taliban depends on violence and tradition for solution of any disputes, while modern peace is based on rational negotiations. Thus, there is a really big difference between us and the Taliban group in negotiations. It is a very good opportunity for the Taliban group to accept facts of modern governance as the people of Afghanistan now want peace with protection of the 18 years achievements. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.