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‘Govt. delivers what promises’


The National Unity Government of Afghanistan has been pursuing a clear strategy of development and prosperity for the Afghan people.  Based on this strategy, the government made some promises to the nation that it would implement certain major development and infrastructural projects that will affect their lives in the long run and will improve economic growth in the country by paving way for new businesses and creating jobs in the country.
Meanwhile, a number of negative critics chanted that the Afghan government leadership is not carrying what it promised to the people, and the government’s words and deeds are not identical. Some of these critics even held demonstrations challenging the government for failing for fulfill its promises and pledges.
The National Unity Government leaders President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah have made it clear time and again in their speeches that theywere prioritizing things and would carry out the promises they made with the nation one after another, but things take time.
Besides inauguration of many infrastructural projects, including dams and electricity projects in a number of provinces, the government, considering its promises, has also stepped up efforts to fight corruption and terrorism in the country. Many high councils established and led by the President to make sure aids are used in transparent manner and the judicial and justice organs were tasked to seriously follow the cases of those involved in corruption, land usurpation and violation of human rights.
Meanwhile, one of the promises made upon inauguration of the unity government was to take full control of the Afghanistan airspace. The gained control of its airspace on Thursday when President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani inaugurated a radar system at the Hamid Karzai International Airport.
A statement from the Presidential Palace said the new most advance and modern system would help secure the Afghanistan airspace and increase the number of flights.
President Ghani during his speech congratulated the entire nation over the successful installation of the new radar system and ACAA efforts in training its personnel inside the country.He said one of the national unity government’s key commitments was regaining control of the Afghanistan airspace, which had been achieved.
He said his government’s main target was turning Afghanistan into a regional roundabout. “And today we achieved the target through the air.”
Our people are required to be tolerant and give the government the time it requires to implement major development projects for the people of Afghanistan.  Let’s support the government and let it put the ideas into action for the welfare of the people of Afghanistan. 
The government has many great programs to turn Afghanistan into an economic giant at the region and make the country a place of opportunities, investments and businesses.  The people of Afghanistan should be assured that the president will carry out what he promises to the nation and only thinks about the development and welfare of this great country. 
The government assures the people of Afghanistan that the words and deeds of the leaders are identical, and they will deliver what promised with the public.

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