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Govt. dailies mark ‘National Journalists Day’


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Directorate of government dailies in a ceremony held yesterday on the occasion of National Journalist Day appreciated a number of journalists of Anis, Hewad, Islah, The Kabul Times, Watandaran Magazine and Afghan Advertisements.
In the ceremony held with participation of editors in chief of the respective newspapers, director of government dailies Farid Ahmad Farhang by praising the journalists for their efforts and work towards freedom of expression, reporting and sharing works and achievements of the government with the people, said that directorate of government dailies was to implement development programs for improvement of publication of the government dallies as suggested and approved by deputy ministry of publication for information and culture.
Based on instruction of the deputy ministry of publication, it is determined that government newspapers are set to be printed and published in color and overall changes will be brought in contents of the newspapers.
Director of government dailies asked the journalists and employees of the respective newspapers to spare no effort towards improvement of publication of the newspapers and Watandaran Magazine, supporting freedom of expression and precision report.
At the end of the ceremony, 26 journalists were granted the appreciation certificates and distributed by director of the government dailies Farid Ahmad Farhang and editor-in -chiefs of Anis, Ahmad Shakir Zarbi, Hewad daily, Zalmi Shahbaz, The Kabul Times, Hamidullah Arefi, Islah daily Dad Mohammad Anabi and Abdul Ghafoor Basiri of Afghan Advertisement.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.