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Govt. committed to independence of electoral commissions

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The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission has recently removed names of 35 people from the final list of parliamentary and district councils’elections. The IECC has omitted 35 people, where102 people were included in the final list after the comprehensive scrutiny of all complaints and protests and warned remaining 45 candidates.
Meanwhile, the Independent Elections Commission said that the final list has not been released yet and the decision would not be void of sensitivities. But the IEC and IECC would be accountable according to law and no one should be discriminated. Decision on this issue would be a big responsibility and should have been adopted based on accepted national values and interests.
According to IEC, in 34 provinces, 2396 people have nominated themselves for the parliamentary and district council elections, including 381 women and the Afghan government emphasizes on holding of elections on its due time and date.
The government has time and again declared that always been committed to transparent, fair and on time elections, adding the authorities and independence of the election commissions have been stated in the law. Therefore, they should decide on the final list according to these authorities and independence.
Based on prevailing laws, the government respects independence of IEC and ECC and doesn’t allow anybody to interfere in electoral affairs. Last week president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani issued an order and prohibited all government departments and employees from interferences in election affairs.The president has also ordered ensuring of elections security and stability.
The government does its bests to organize elections based on scheduled plan. This election is the wish of nation and government that emanate from the constitution of Afghanistan. Afghans have given much sacrifices to institutionalize democracy in the country. In the last presidential elections, the people’s fingers were chopped off by Taliban, but no one could avoid their participation and they casted their votes.
Meanwhile, a recent UNAMA statement asked all parties to perform their respective roles to ensure the necessary timelines and conditions are met. “The government, the electoral management bodies and the country’s political leaders carry the primary responsibility to create the necessary conditions for credible elections to take place.”
The United Nations remains committed to assisting the efforts of the Afghan people in conducting what are truly Afghan-owned elections for the first time since 2001. The United Nations fully supports all Afghan citizens in exercising their civil and political rights and continues to support the Afghan government and people of Afghanistan in their pursuit of democratic development, prosperity and durable peace.
Since there are national and international consensus for holding of elections in Afghanistan, the Afghan nation should also be sure that the parliamentary and districts councils or upcoming presidential elections would be held on due time and the government doesn’t interfere in election process and relevant affairs of electoral bodies and they are independent based on law and protection of their independence is the main duty of the government.
Recently a number of rejected candidates held demonstration before the IEC headquarter and accused the entity of discriminationand warned of disturbing the commission’s activities.
The government of Afghanistan believes that success of election is related to observance of prevailing law by all strata and countrymen and supporting the process would lead to formation of a parliament free of corruption as well as honestly serve the war-hit nation.

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