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Govt. asks Taliban to declare ceasefire in holy month of Ramadan

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With the advent of holy month of Ramadan, officials of the government of Afghanistan asked Taliban to stop war and declare ceasefire.
Officials added that the people of Afghanistan expect the Taliban to stop violence in this month so the people can take fast in a calm atmosphere.
This comes as High Peace Council (HPC) and Ulama Council also asked the government and other warring-sides to immediately declare ceasefire and stressed that Afghans ask for sustainable ceasefire in their country.
Afghans will welcome any move prevent violence in the country, they added.
Likewise, HPC asks for acceleration of peace talks, because, this is a great opportunity for both sides to end war.
Ceasefire proposal came up by the government of Afghanistan while peace talks has been in news headlines in regional and international levels and US officials have several times hold meetings with Taliban representatives in Doha.
Experts say that ceasefire can be a positive step on peace negotiations, but stress that the Taliban supporters interfere and don’t want peace agreement is reached with the Taliban.
“Terrorist groups should know that war is not the solution, thus, joining peace process is the only option that will cause to make them hopeful on future,” a political expert Amir Muhammad said.
He added the ceasefire proposal that is expected to be declared by the government of Afghanistan can pave the way for peace talks with the Taliban, because, people want an Afghan-owned and led peace process. He stressed that ceasefire is a good opportunity for Taliban group, because, in the last ceasefire declared in Eid-ul-Fitr, they could see their families, an action indicated that they also don’t want war, but the war has been imposed on them by foreigners.
“Afghans are sick of war and they are in dire need of peace, thus, if a short ceasefire is declared, there will be no doubt that it will follow with positive effects and it will also help the government to hold meetings with the group’s leaders,” a political expert Jamal Farahmand said.
Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission says that peace will not be ensure by one side ceasefire, adding we want a lasting peace led by own Afghans to be restored throughout the country.
Head of the commission Sima Samar says that the people of Afghanistan want peace, but peace will ensure in Afghanistan while all human rights points are observed in it.
NATO and UN officials in their messages on holy month of Ramadan wished a lasting peace filled with happiness to all Afghans and hoped war to be decreased in the country.
This is while that 34 provinces’ representatives have stressed on sustainable ceasefire in peace consultative jirga, a move which was welcomed in regional and international levels.

Suraya Raiszada

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