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Government officials, experts’ views on WB recent report

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On World Bank (WB) recent report on decrease in Afghanistan’s economic growth in compare with last year, government officials and economic experts are saying considering ongoing challenges, the country’s economic growth should decrease.
Economy ministry’s officials are saying the report released by WB doesn’t match with that bank’s evaluations in other sections.
The economy ministry’s spokesperson Suhrab Bahman told media however, drought has affected agriculture and the country’s economic development
He added current political situation can be also one of the main factors behind this downturn.
Besides an economic expert Saifuddin Saihoun told The Kabul Times current and next year could be important years for Afghanistan’s economy.
He added next year, the country would face elections and political changes—a move would negatively affect the country’s economy and the people should tolerate it.
He asked the international community to cooperate with the Afghan people and help the government to ensure security throughout the country.
According to him, the international community and the government of Afghanistan should focus on factors that can positivelyaffect Afghanistan’s economy and don’t let political changes negatively affect the country’s economy.
At the same time, Afghanistan’s current situation has caused the investors to transfer their investments to abroad.
A trader Samim said the Afghan people always make effort to stay in Afghanistan and work here but if the government supports them.
At the same time, the people believe that the government of Afghanistan and international community should jointly work to decrease poverty rate in the country.
But criticizers say that however many international entities are operating in Afghanistan to fight poverty, but still according to WB, half of Afghanistan’s population are living under poverty line.
This comes as that the government efforts to improve the situation is appreciable but the efforts should rise to protect the current achievements.
Shukria Kohistani

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