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Government efforts against corruption, land mafia laudable


Recently the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani warned land grabbers and powerful individuals to be responsible for the future of their illegal action as all lands would be retaken from them everywhere in the country.
In a meeting with a number of residents of 5th police district of Kabul, the other day, the president said he will order operations against those grabbed government properties and personal lands, if needed.
During the meeting, the resident of the said district, welcomed the president’s decision to change the entire 5th police district security personnel.
The president said: “In case of need, the government would take serious action against powerful individuals to retake all lands from them, if needed.”
He called presence of powerful individuals in the fifth police district intolerable and warned all illegally owned lands would be returned to their main possessors or if belonged to government would be recovered.
Also a government high-ranking official has been reportedly said to have been banned from travelling abroad, after he was charged of misusing authority and having properties out of the country.
Under the country’s Attorney General Office, a three-article letter late on Tuesday said allegations such as illegally appointments and buying properties in one of foreign countries by one of the government senior officials would be seriously investigated by the Independent Directorate of Local Governance to clarify the main source of buying and when it had taken place.
These steps by the government to fight corruption, take action against powerful individuals and land usurpers and land mafia can make people hopeful for their future, as they are suffered much by the land mafia and corrupt officials.
Many Kabul streets are closed and installed obstacles by powerful individuals, including ministers and lawmakers.
In the city with some six million population, this is very hard even forbidden to cross some streets as they are blocked and possessed like own areas by a number of government officials or house members.
In line with the president’s order, the authorities concerned have been instructed to reopen the streets closed illegally by the powerful men all over the city and that to take measure against encroachers and mafia groups.
Also, this is a good step by the government to have ordered construction of a 300-bed hospital as well as a school building in the fifth police district and called for increased coordination with the local people.
All residents of the capital should also do their best to take their demands to the presidential office to be turned into programs and implemented, or nothing tangible would be done if they remained silent.
So the people should cooperate with the government by sharing their problems and introducing intruders and law violators so that the level of crimes be reduced and the trespassers brought to justice.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.