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Government determined to fight corruption

corruption afghanistan

he National Unity Government (NUG) is committed to fight corruption and bring necessary reforms in the government organs in order to render the required services to the people of Afghanistan.  The establishment of a judicial center for countering corruption is a clear sign of the government’s determination to fight corruption. 
Meanwhile, the Afghan government’s political will to fight corruption and bring reforms is inclusive and will produce desired results which will satisfy the international community and the people of Afghanistan.  Likewise, the reforms are aimed to bring reforms in the judicial system of Afghanistan. 
The Afghan Government is accountable to its people because it is a people-elected government and the state receives its legitimacy from the people of Afghanistan.  On the other hand, the continuation of the international aid and assistance is conditioned with reforms in the government and fighting corruption.
UNAMA’s third anti-corruption report, titled ‘Afghanistan’s Fight against Corruption: Groundwork for Peace and Prosperity,’ which released recently reviews the progress Afghanistan has made in anti-corruption, saying fighting corruption remains a truly fundamental necessity in Afghanistan.
“The United Nations welcomes the progress Afghanistan has made, but all Afghan institutions, along with every segment of society, must persevere in their efforts to advance integrity, accountability and transparency in the country,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan in a statement yesterday.
According to UNAMA, corruption undermines rule of law and opens the door to more crime, creating a vicious cycle that fosters a culture of impunity. “Even more importantly, corruption puts at risk prospects for peace, as a negotiated settlement for Afghanistan’s future must be based on integrity and justice.”
Indeed, fighting corruption is not an easy job.  The people of Afghanistan should fully support the efforts and programs initiated by National Unity Government leaders to fight corruption.
People also bear major responsibilities in this area.  They should not pay bribes or get their works done in the government offices by paying illegal money to government officials.  They should instead hold the government officials responsible and accountable for rendering services in a transparent manner and follow administrative principles and norms.
On the other hand, people should promote the culture of fighting and hating corruption in the society. Civil society organizations and media can play a major role in raising the awareness of people to stand against corruption and view this phenomenon as a hated and negative phenomenon in the society.
So, it is necessary to be united in this fight against corruption and support the government by revealing the identity of corrupt officials so that the government prosecutes them.  It is worth mentioning that the Afghan Government has arrested and prosecuted a number of officials involved in corruption since its establishment. The government commitment to fight corruption is firm and believe that corruption badly impact economic growth in the country.

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