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Good governance, inaugurating development projects, main achievements of president’s visit of central provinces


Accompanied by vice president, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh and a number of authorities of the system, president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in continuation of his provincial visits, this time went to Bamyan and Dykondi provinces, opened a number of development projects and met local officials, representatives of civil society, Ulema and local influentials in these two provinces.
Security of the central regions particularly Bamyan and Dykondi has always been evaluated fragile due to bordering with volatile province, and wrong deployment of ANSF in previous years. For instance security of Bamyan specially the roads leading to this province has always been threatened from the direction of relevant districts of Maidan Wardak, Parwan, Baghlan and Ghor provinces as the security of Dykondi has been threatened from the direction of certain insecure areas in Ghor and Uruzgan provinces.
During his visit, the president ordered that for each of these provinces a regional army battalion and for maintaining security of highways and development projects in two provinces and a unit of 500 personnel be formed to take part in protection of these provinces, the roads leading to them and works of development projects there. This could be considered as an important step for improving security of these provinces.
Dykondi province was established few years now as a third degree province within the framework of government main organization. The president approved that Dykondi should be promoted to second degree province.
The president during his visit to Bamyan launched long discussions on further effectiveness of government provincial departments and their organizations with concerned officials and issued essential instructions that would no doubt result in improvement and development of local governance in these provinces.
With promotion of Dykondi to second degree province, more resources would be allocated in governance structure, budget and program and certainly the local government capacities and capabilities would remarkably improve.
During the visit of president to these provinces several development projects were officially opened including construction of Bamyan-Doshi road, Solar power project and the road in Nily city the provincial capital of Dykondi.
With the construction of 155 km long Doshi-Bamyan road, not only the two Bamyan and Baghlan provinces would be connected with a standard road and unprecedented and extraordinary transportation and travel facilities would be available but this road would be considered as an alternative to Salang highway and indeed it would connect north to the south of the country that could be used in emergency situations in case of need.
In usual conditions its exploitation would decrease transportation pressure on Salang road.
According to explanations of presidential deputy spokesman, Shah Hussein Mortazawi to media, the president laid the cornerstone of three following power projects of 220 KV Sub-Station, extension of 220 KV transmission line of Doshi to Bamyan and construction of power distribution network for 20000 subscribers. During his visit to Dykondi, the president opened the solar power generation project and power transmission and distribution network of Nily city. With completion and exploitation of these projects, big step will be taken for access of local population to power energy. Because access to power energy is one of the vital steps towards development.

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