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Global cooperation needed to fight terror

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The British government has revealed that Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan are communicating with cells in the UK and western Europe with the potential to carry out attacks.
Although the rise of IS in Afghanistan has been well documented, it is the first time the UK government has confirmed the franchise now poses a direct threat to European countries.
On a visit to National Unity Government Leaders and British troops in Afghanistan, the UK defense secretary emphasized on joint fight against IS militants.
The group, known as IS-Khorasan or IS-K, is a rival to the Taliban and al Qaeda and has been targeted by Afghan, US and British special forces in Afghanistan. Its latest leader, Abu Saad Erhabi, was killed in a joint Afghan and US airstrike a week ago – he was the fourth IS leader to be killed in the country in the past few years.
“You’ve seen the Afghan government move forward very rapidly in terms of the development of their forces. I think what we have done is recognize where we can add value and support.The Afghan people are one of the proudest people and nations you could imagine. They want to be able to defend their country against the threats they face,” the UK Defense Secretary told his troops.
It is the responsibility of the whole world to fight the menace of terrorism and extremism. If these phenomena threating the life of innocent masses in Afghanistan, the next day, the whole world would be in danger and terrorism would threat the people’s life to a large extent.
Being on the frontline of the global war on terror, Afghan people has given much sacrifices and people’s blood are still being shed across the country. Taliban, Daesh and other militant sparing no effort to deliberately target the civilians and achieve their vicious goals of destabilizing Afghanistan and then the whole region.
Meanwhile, both ISIS and Taliban have lost sympathies amongst ordinary masses –is a serious drawback to both the militant organizations. Certain, harsh born jurisdiction has been issued against them; making them liable of public agonies. 
A number of religious scholars in a number of the country’s provinces, including the capital Kabul expressed their support of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and condemned Daesh and the Taliban as deviants from Islam and calling upon Muslims to stand against them. Meanwhile Makkah Imam had previously issued fatwa, saying that both Daesh and Taliban have killed people in the name of Islam, but in fact such acts have no connection to the true religion instructions. 
This clearly shows that government won’t be alone in war against terrorism, in particular against Daesh, as the country’s citizens are also backing government in eliminating of the terror group. In recent days the country’s air forces have carried out several strikes and have killed hundreds of the group’s fighters in eastern Nangarhar province.
Despite of this, the government cannot get away unless the roots of terror groups are cut off and the international community take joint step in war on terror and tangible measures should be put into practice, to get out of this menace; else large number of religiously betrayed individuals will join the ranks of such militants.

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