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Ghor industrialist women ask for marketing of their products

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9_May_2015_Nahr I Shahi, Balkh Province, Afghanistan Raqiba says: “People have seen my work from the beginning. My work has so markedly changed and enhanced now.”

By: Shukria Kohistani

The industrialist women of Ghor province are complaining about lack of market for their handicrafts and say that stagnancy of market endangers their handicrafts.
According to them, if the government doesn’t help them in finding of market for their products, they not only lose their trade but they themselves would face with economic problems.
Sayeeda Ali Zada who is engaged in training of production of handicrafts in Ghor province says: handicrafts have been grown among women in this province and majority of women are working in this field and they are satisfied with. If market are being searched I assure we can provide our own and family expenditures.
Another woman who is working in this field Salima asks for government support.
She added, we demand from National Unity Government to prepare a suitable place for us so that the craftswomen to sell their products and to share in self-sufficiency of their own and their families.
The main handicrafts of Ghor female is carpet, shoe-making, embroidery and leather work that since long is common among Ghor females.
Director of women affairs of Ghor province Ms. Halima Parastesh says that although the growth of handicrafts in Ghor is unprecedented but so far, the culture of purchasing of handicrafts didn’t find its place in this province.
Ms, Parastesh hopes in near future to establish a certain market with cooperation of concerned institutions and administrations for women.
She went on to say: we have female garden, library and gymnasium that its work is going on in a vast land owned by women affairs department.
We hope with cooperation of different government and private sector institutions we would be the witnesses of market for handicrafts.
On the other, the spokesman of Ghor governor, Abdul Khatibi says that unpleasant traditions and anti-women considerations in this province caused the female not to offer their handicrafts to main market.
Khatibi added that in the past, some government institutions and offices promised to build market for selling of their handicrafts but, these promises didn’t implemented.
Khatibi went on say that efforts are going on to build market for offering of women handicrafts.
He continued that since its establishment, the national unity government was planning to expand the female economy and be bread-bearers of their families.
Based on the same, vast programs had been taken in hand in the connection and since then, various programs had been held.
But, in connection with market, it should be said that the promises given by government administrations and institutions are remained undo.
But, we are committing in the connection.
Women traders in Ghor say that the national unity government leaders pledged for self-sufficiency and capacity-building of women in various fields that remained on paper and practical measures didn’t been adopted. We hope, in the future, our demands to be responded well and handicrafts in this province not to be failed.
At the same time, since 18 years to date, the number of craftswomen are increasing in all provinces of the country and with offering of their handicrafts to the markets they did to promote their family economy.
If the ground be prepared for marketing of their handicrafts, in the future, the women can adopt further measures for the growth of this industry.
It is up to trade unions and chambers of industries to search markets abroad for offering of Afghan female handicrafts.
Although, with grappling with various problems within 18 recent years, women did to have presence in the society but, traditional hurdles and challenges forced them to be imprisoned in their surrounding family houses and their natural talents be remained intact.
Despite this, as a result of their efforts, they did to find some outdoor engagements in the society. It is necessary that the government and those institutions are working in the capital in the sector of women chambers of commerce to adopt measure for capacity-building of craftswomen and prevent from stagnancy of handicrafts in this province.

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