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Ghazni security not reliable: President Ghani

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By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: A statement from the Presidential Palace said in Thursday that President Ghani travelled to Ghazni province to assess the province general situation.
Chairing a meeting, the president listened to reports from civil and military officials in a security meeting.
First governor Wahidullah Kalimzai briefed the president on the overall security situation in the province, casualties to the militants in clearing operations and others, according to the statement.
Security officials said security forces defended the country and the people with high morale and defense and security forces stationed in Ghazni worked in coordination to naturalize the threats.
“Ghazni city is protected from the enemy threat and from being collapsed, however, the fundamental threat remains.”
President Ghani asked security and defense officials to share a clear assessment of Ghazni situation with him.
He praised the efforts of security forces, but did not call the security situation as reliable, saying the people of Ghazni should be ensured their security and convinced that all central departments were in their service.
He asked the authorities concerned to fundamentally evaluate the district administrative, police and intelligence chiefs.

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