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Ghazni security limping back to normal, security organs

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Ghazniis one of Afghanistan’s key provinces that has been facing with insecurity challenges for a couple of years. The province’s provincial capital was attacked early Thursday by Taliban fighters who shortly took control of key parts of the city and stormed police headquarter.
Soon after Taliban stormed on provincial capital city of Ghazni, an exclusive meeting was held under the chairmanship of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and attended by representatives of the country’s security organs. In the meeting, President Ghani asked security organs for further coordination in military operations.
The attack on Ghazni city was repulsed by Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and Taliban fighters suffered heavy casualties. Security organs assured of dispatching fresh troops to the city to foil further attacks of the Taliban group.
“More forces have arrived in Ghazni city and currently the city is under full control of Afghan security forces and the situation is getting normal in the city,” deputy spokesperson to Ministry of Interior (MoI) Nasrat Rahimi told The Kabul Times. He added that Afghan National Police (ANP) in coordination and cooperation of all other security organs are making effort to maintain security in the city and repulse further attacks of the Taliban group.
Meanwhile, deputy spokesperson to Ministry of Defense (MoD) Gen. Mohammad Radmanish says the commando forces have been dispatched to Ghazni city and deployed in various parts of the city to kick Taliban fighters out of the city.He added that Afghan defense and security forces have already started clearing and searching operation in the city and security would be soon maintained in the city.
Meanwhile NATO forces have also said that they increased their airstrikes on the Taliban group in Ghazni.
A number of members of parliament by criticizing the government say the government should dispatch more troops to Ghazni city as the province has been facing with security challenges for the past few months.
“Representatives of people in parliament have repeatedly said that Ghazni city would fall to the Taliban group if considerable attention is not paid to the province, but the city is now facing with serious threats due to inattention of the government in particular Afghan defense and security forces,” a representative of Ghazni people in parliament Rahmani said.
Ministry of Interior (MoI) accepts that Ghazni is facing with serious security threats posed by the Taliban group, buy saying Afghan police forces in cooperation with all other security organs have not let the city fall to the Taliban hand.
Ghazni city is the third city that was attacked by the Taliban group. Previously, Kunduz city in the country’s north and Farah in the west had faced with similar experience.
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