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Ghazna in the course of history

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By: Masouda Qarizada

Situated in the heart of Asia and occupying a special geographical location and enjoying importance, Afghanistan is a land locked country with over 5000 years of background, pleasant climate, plenty of ancient, touristic sites and attractions and has been connecting trade caravans through silk route.
Ancient Balkh, Herat, Kapisa, Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Bamyan and other provinces hiding historic and cultural riches narrate the golden pages of history and brave inhabitants of this territory for which our people have always been greatly proud. The beautiful city of Ghazni is one of these spiritual honors which was recognized internationally as the capital of Islamic culture officially.
The ancient city of Ghazni was not only the center of Islamic sciences and culture but has been enjoying high importance for global community.
This ancient territory had been a great cultural and religious capital over one thousands years ago during the Ghaznavids empire specially the reign of late Sultan Mahmood Ghazniavi who had setup a magnificent court.
Ghazni was the accommodation for acknowledged Ulema clergymen, literatis, artists, poets, researchers who had came from Islamic lands and settled there including Ferdawsi, Farakhi Sistani, Khawja Abdullah Ansari, Abu Raihan Alberoni, Ibne Sina Balkhi who had explained the magnificence of this city in their works.
One of the qualified Gnostics who departed from Ghazni to Lahor and settled there and due to his pleasant temper managed to influence into the locals’ hearts. His pupils and followers had called him (Ganj Bakhsh) and his resting place and shrine has been respecting by Afghanistan, Pakistan and even Indian people.
After writing a valuable book of Kashfulmahjoob, Hajwiri setup a new school that was changed to the most important and reputable Gnostic strategy to his successors and writers after his demise.
Since 4th Islamic century, Ghazni has been hosting madrassas, schools and rich libraries for enthusiasts of science, knowledge and culture and professionals and experts from across the globe.
Ghazni has left behind three separate eras:
In pre-Islamic eras, it has been hosting one of the biggest Buddhic temples. In Ghaznavids era, numerous mosques and monuments were erected in that city specially during the rule of Sultan Masoud and Sultan Bahram Shah who made indefatigable efforts for this purpose.
During the Temorid era Sharif Khan mosque and other artistic master pieces increased its gloriousness.
Recognition of Ghazni as the cultural capital of Islamic civilization gives us a good chance to study and research on this ancient place in the course of history.
During the unique rule of brave strategist Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavid, Afghanistan was stretched over a vast regional geography with essential military, political, cultural reputation. A precise research of this golden era unveils, unique riches to young generations. The reign of Ghaznavids dynasty was the peak of Afghanistan history which its study blows fresh soul into the heart of every patriotic Afghan and causes dignity to them.
One of the Ghazni touristic attractions is Navah bay and dessert that has accommodated the unique birds, ducks, red Fox, Marble Cat with universal reputation.
Recognition of Ghazni as the capital of Islamic civilization was like appearing of a bright star in the sky of our history, we should take it as a good omen and exploit it sagaciously in the interests of our old history.

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