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Ghazi Amanullah and national unity

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By: Daud Nejrabi

As today the three color flag of Afghanistan is flying in the sky of Afghanistan and a number of world nations is thanking from the righteous struggles of Afghan brave people lead wisely by Ghazi Amanullah Khan that as a result, the independence of the country was gained from the then British colonialism.
Now, we are in the threshold of celebration of its 100th anniversary. Some researchers and penmen also mentioned in the connection.
No doubt, it was wisely leadership of Ghazi Amanullah Khan that proclaimed jehad against Great Britain and united all Afghans and lead them against this colonial power.
According to Fakhr-i-Afghan, Afghans are the witnesses of numerous kings but, Afghan men and women were more enthusiast of king Amanullah comparing others.
Amanullah Khan has suggested: “I am a revolutionary king of Afghanistan”. This suggestion was completely correct. Because, he brought a wonderful revolution.
Revolution is like a flood that awaken those people who are a sleep. This movement not only had reached Afghans to the destination of independence revolution but, they gained much benefit in the political, economic and cultural fields as well that were very clear.
A. In political field:
Prior from all, independence revolution caused all people of Afghanistan fought bravely for gaining the independence of their country with unity and cohesion and defend their country against the then colonialism.
The latter was the greatest colonial power of the time.
The success of freedom-fighters of Afghanistan over the great Britain caused the world colonialism to be disappeared and the freedom-loving sensitivity be awakened all over the world.
B. In the field of national unity:
Another great achievement of independence revolution was this that all Afghans joined hands against British colonialism that as a result, with chanting the slogan of Allah-o-Akbar, they conquered Speenvam, Miran Shah, Wana, Sarwikai and Tal military centers one after another and also they opened fire on Khyber, Spin Boldak and Chaman over Britishers.
Finally, Afghans gained their complete domestics and foreign political independence from the then most blood-letting empire in 1919 second truce.
After this, Afghanistan recognized as an independent country in its domestic, foreign politics. The three colored flag of Afghanistan that represents from national sovereignty and independence officially hoisted in different countries and the latters recognized Afghanistan as an independent country and established their political relations with it.
Ghazi Amanullah Khan visited officially Asian, African and European different countries and met with their leaders.
In the course of those meetings, king Amanullah signed important agreements.
To strengthen political system and its usefulness, in Hoot month of 1297, the council of ministers had been established and king Amanullah Khan in the connection said that our government would bring necessary reformations so that our people and country to find a suitable place in numerous world countries.
Likewise, in regard with foreign policy of his government, king Amanullah said that hereafter, our relations with governments would be mutually and similar.
This should also be said that in 1306 solar year, for the first time the worlds of “observer” and “observery” changed into “minister” and “ministry” and so on.
This also should be mentioned that this young and independent state was formed by three forces of executives, legislative and judicial that was heading by king Amanullah.
On that time, the legislative force was named as “government council” and was composed of two parts that one part was electoral and another one as appointed.
In the articles published by researchers, it was said that beside constitution, 77 regulations were also ratified.
For implementation of laws and regulations, the king himself was visiting provinces and investigating the issues.
If there were some shortcomings, he was firing related officials and substituting with another.
The 16th article of first constitution of the country says: all citizens considering legal and government laws are equal before the law.
Likewise, its 11th article says that the principle of captivity and slavery is completely forbidden in Afghanistan.
In Aqrab 7th of 1304 when he performed Friday prayer in Kandahar, in connection with national identity, he said that everyone who lives in Afghanistan sans any exception should be called as “Afghan”.
So, what means Duranis, Ghelgace, Alhekzai etc. we are all human-beings and muslims.
We should enjoy from national unity and as a fist, we should be united against domestic and foreign enemies and before me, all Afghans are brethren.

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