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Germany to host intra-Afghan dialogue

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By: Raiszada

Following efforts of regional and world countries towards maintaining peace in Afghanistan, this time Germany wants to host intra-Afghan peace dialogue led by Afghans.
Officials for Afghanistan ministry of foreign affairs say Germany had previously made effective efforts in connection with Afghanistan peace; therefore, Afghanistan government hopes Germany will take further steps towards peace process of Afghanistan.
Pointing to role of China and US in Afghanistan peace process, Gran Hewad, a spokesperson to the ministry of foreign affairs, speaking to journalists in a news conference, said both countries have had effective role in Afghanistan peace and reconstruction process.
According to the MoFA spokesperson, Germany is also among countries that have cooperated with Afghanistan in various fields.
“In past, Germany had also played effective role in Afghanistan peace process and we hope the country will take further steps towards the peace process,” Hewad added.
Meanwhile, lower house of parliament says no countries in the region and world have the right to host armed and opponent groups of Afghanistan government for peace in absence of Afghanistan government.
“As Taliban have repeatedly rejected holding direct talks with Afghanistan and are not ready to do so, no countries in the region and world have the right to host the group for peace in absence of Afghanistan government,” member of international affairs commission for lower house of parliament said.
Although the commission has welcomed Germany for hosting the intra-Afghan dialogue led by Afghanistan government, they insisted if the country hosts the Taliban group for peace in absence of Afghanistan government, it will be against international norms and diplomatic relations.
“Germany is one of allies of Afghanistan government and has provided lots of assistance to the country in various sectors,” said Ali Kazimi, a member of the lower house commission on international relations.
He added that Germany could play constructive role in Afghanistan peace process, stressing that the country should host all peace efforts led and owned by Afghanistan government as no peace efforts would give any results without presence of Afghans.
Lower house of parliament has insisted that on the threshold of resuming peace talks between representatives of the Taliban group and US delegates led by Zalmay Khalilzad, the ownership of such talks and redline of the Afghan people should be identified and role of regional countries should be also clarified.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political experts say the only solution to end the continued violence and war in the country is peace as the people of Afghanistan want peace in which all achievements of the people and government are protected.
They believe that the key of peace is in the hand of Afghans themselves; therefore, Afghans need to hold direct peace talks and intra-Afghan dialogue to break the deadlock as no foreign effort will give results unless Afghans start and sit to end the ongoing war in the country. Afghanistan government also knows that no process will give results without presence of Afghanistan government; therefore, serious efforts should be made for starting direct peace talks led and owned by Afghanistan government. 

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