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Further efforts needed to eliminate violence against Afghan women


The persistent violence against Afghan women unfolds the patriarchal system and traditional beliefs practiced widely in individual and collective life. They have been discriminated on the grounds of their sex and suffered mental and physical tortures in one way or another, which root in wrong notions and have no religious or legal basis. What is more, they have constantly found themselves confined within cultural restrictions and ideological dogmatism.
Marking the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women and inaugurating the 16 days activism against gender-based violence in the country, the National Unity Government leaders, President Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah reiterated government’s firm will for full elimination of violence against women.
The NUG leaders also said much has been done for addressing of women’s cases of violence in the country and many have been prosecuted in different provinces. During a ceremony at the presidential palace here on Monday evening, President Ghani said culture of violence against women should be ended, emphasizing on women’s active participation in all affairs.
Meanwhile CE Abdullah said sustainable development was not possible without participation of women in socio-economic, political and cultural activities in the country. Some ministry and independent organs, including the Ministry of Information and Culture during a press conference on Monday said public awareness programs would be held to help reduce the increasing trend of violence against Afghan women.
To view the social and cultural structure of Afghanistan, women are highly vulnerable to sexual discrimination and violence. They are culturally restricted, and their freedoms are curtailed in one way or another. In remote villages, Afghan women’s participation are limited in social, political, and economic activities. In short, traditional culture places serious restriction on women’s freedoms.  
To mitigate violence against women, much efforts should be made by the government and people across the country. Afghan clerics have to preach against sexual discrimination and enlighten the dignified position of women in Islam, which does not prevent women from participating in social, political, and economic activities.
Although Afghan clerics are targeted by the militants for their moderate approach to social issues and women’s rights, they are responsible to continue so. Clerics have to reform social norms and cultural tradition of the country.
The government has to enforce law and constitution to support the equal rights of men and women. Those who are involved in violation of women’s rights and dignity have to be prosecuted fairly.
It should be noted that all citizens are equal before the law and no one is supposed to violate women’s rights with impunity. Thus, all have to respect the rights, freedoms, and dignity of women and let them exercise their rights and liberty without obstacles as stated in Afghan Constitution.
Meanwhile awareness programs should be held across the country in line with elimination of violence against women and the constitution so that to decrease the phenomenon in the country and further opportunities be provided for the Afghan women to shoulder responsibility along with men and help develop the war-torn country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.