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Further efforts needed for political participation of women in Afghanistan

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Afghan women attend a consultative grand assembly, known as Loya Jirga, in Kabul, Afghanistan April 29, 2019. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

By: Shkuria Kohistani

On the threshold of International Women’s Day, Afghanistan ministry of women affairs has stressed on capacity building and employment of Afghan women in government institutions. Acting minister of women affairs has considered women’s part in leadership of the government particularly employment of women in deputy governor position for 34 provinces as a historic achievement.
Speaking in a meeting titled ‘Women Participation in Good Governance’ held by Independent Directorate of Local Governance with close cooperation of USAID to support Afghan women, Hasina Safi, acting minister of women affairs stressed on meaningful participation of women and capacity building.
“Afghan women have found their position in politics. What we’ve advocated for has changed to an official process as the appointment process of women as deputy governors in 34 provinces will be completed within a month,” Mrs. Safi said, adding that the ministry has worked on a draft plan which will be soon submitted to IDLG.
On the other hand, minister of economy has considered engagement of Afghan women in the country’s economy and society as nothing. According to minister of economy, on 6.16 percent of Afghan women are engaged in business in the country.
Based on information of the ministry of economy, nearly 5 million Afghan women are in home, a big force that need to promote and work. Nevertheless, information from the ministry of women affairs shows that participation of Afghan women in civil services sector is more than 29 percent, while more than 10 percent of the women are working in higher leading positions in the government.
Meanwhile, US Charge d’Affairs to Kabul Ross Wilson has said that the past two decades, gender equality has been a cornerstone of US initiatives in Afghanistan.
“March is Women’s History Month. For the past two decades, gender equality has been a cornerstone of US initiatives in Afghanistan. Women play a critical role in all aspects of society as security, education, healthcare, academia and so on,” Wilson stressed.
Afghanistan ministry of defense considers participation of women in government particularly in the country’s defense and security organs as better comparing to previous years. According to the defense ministry, there are currently 3,000 women working within the country’s defense organ, showing a considerable figure of women’s participation.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan ministry of interior has informed of increasing the number of female police in Afghan National Police force in the country, saying that the number of women police in the country will soon reach to 10,000. Currently, there are 4,000 women police within the ANP.
According the interior ministry, the ministry is working to both increase the number of women police and build their capacity.
It is worth mentioning that Women Participation Program is considered as one of the longest projects of the USAID operating to build capacity of Afghan women for the past five years in Afghanistan.



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