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Fruits quality parameters, packing complex set up


For the first time a big complex of fruits quality parameters and packing was established in Badam Bagh area, Kabul at a time that large number of horticultures and investors and private traders have been facing with numerous problems for packing of their fresh fuits.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Ahmad Jawed a fresh fruits exporter said, today, the problem of fresh fruits exports has been solved to an extent through establishment of air corridors but our farmers and traders are facing with packing and processing problem of this fruits. Our company in Farah trained farmers how to protect and pack fresh fruits. At present, fresh fruits are collected from across Afghanistan and are protected and packed in a spring house called Globle. The available spring houses and greenhouses established by MoAIL are not sufficient and additional spring houses are needed urgently.
Shah Jehan a fresh fruits exporter said, the MoAIL should reduce taxes of its springhouses for farmers and also train horticultures and farmers on processing and packing. Minister of Agriculture Nasir Ahmad Durani said, this complex has been set up to standardize quality and packing of Afghan fruits for exports to global markets and is expected to be exploited in seven months and as a result we can receive quality permit of fruits adaptable with universal reputable standards and it would facilitate exports of Afghan fresh fruits at global level.
At present due to non-standard packing and lack of reputable quality certificates, Afghanistan is not able to export its products directly to global markets.
The officials of EU in Kabul said that custom tariffs in most European countries is an exports privilege to Afghanistan too and the latter should exploit if for development of its exports.
EU deputy ambassador in Kabul Gonzalo Rosa said an important part of programs is for quality management of Afghanistan products which are expected to be exported to European markets. He added, with construction of this complex, there is no need to standard laboratories of quality calculation.
Despite of their high quality and taste, the Afghan fruits due to lack of standard spring houses and packing, have no good markets but presence of fruits exporting companies have caused to an extent reduction of this problem.
Shukria Kohistani

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