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Free media activities should be supported, institutionalized: Sharq

2حوت نشت تعارفی ومشورتی معین نشراتی با مسوولان ارشد رسانه ها ع محمودشاه 5

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Addressing a meeting of the senior media representatives, the deputy minister of publication affairs for The Ministry of Information and Culture, Abdul Manan Sheway Sharq emphasized on key role of media in the society, calling it the main fourth pillar of a democratic system.
Calling his point of view towards media as dynamic, committed, questionable and critical, the deputy minister assured of his strong determination for free media activities in the country.
“Freedom of expression and free media activities should be supported and institutionalized,” he told the meeting, adding that government has pardoned 70 million Afghani tax offenses of the media outlets in the country.
Hinting to construction of a memorial minaret for martyrs of freedom of expression in the country, deputy minister Sharq said the issues had been discussed with the Kabul Municipality, assuring journalists and media representatives of its construction within coming weeks.
The deputy minister also pointed to his reformation plans for the deputy ministry, saying that had begun works on preparing of the strategy and establishing of an advisory board for his office. He also said amendments to be made in laws related to copy rights, mass media and other related procedures. The deputy minister drew the attention of private media owners to their responsibilities, in particular towards their employees and emphasized on consideration of the labor law while signing contracts with the reporters and other media workers. He also stressed transparency of contracts and their compliance with the applicable laws of the country. Sharq asked media to continue criticizing the government officials, as according to him would help institutionalize democracy in the country. “No one allowed to impose censorship,” he said, while committing to stand beside media for ensuring freedom of expression in the country.
A number of media representatives and members of the media supporting entities congratulated Sheway Sharq’s appointment as the deputy minister of publications and reiterated their support of his programs and institutionalization of the democracy and free media activities in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.