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Foreign interferences behind continued war in Afghanistan, lawmakers

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Following concerns of Resolute Support (RS) general commander to Afghanistan over security problems in the country, defense commission for Lower House of parliament says the only reason of increasing war and violence in Afghanistan is the interferences of foreign and regional countries.
The commission says that as it is an imposed war in Afghanistan, regional countries are making effort to interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan to reach their national interests; which has caused continued war in the country.
“Despite of increasing international pressures on Pakistan, the country is continuing to fund, equip and provide safe havens to terrorist groups in its soil,” deputy of parliament’s defense commission Qasimi said, adding that Iran is also interfering somehow in Afghanistan issues.
Expressing concern over increasing of insecurities in the country, Qasimi added competition of regional countries is also concerning and the issue can put negative impacts on security situation in Afghanistan.
Hashimi, another lawmaker, believes that the people of Afghanistan are facing with various challenges one of which is safe havens of terrorist groups beyond Afghanistan borders.
“Although Afghanistan government has always asked regional countries in particular Pakistan to stop interfering in internal affairs of Afghanistan and honestly work with Afghan government in maintaining peace and stability in the country, unfortunately Pakistan has not provided sincere cooperation to the government of Afghanistan so far,” Hashimi added.
In the meantime, ministry of national defense by pointing to terrorist attacks and increasing insecurities in the country said the country’s defense and security forces are ready to fight those killing innocent civilians and disrupting security in the country.
A number of Afghan political experts and ordinary people in interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent said Afghanistan should not be ground for regional countries’ competitions.
“Unfortunately Afghanistan is a country that has been always suffered from war imposed by world and regional countries which somehow intervened in internal affairs of the country,” an Afghan expert Atiqullah Amarkhil said.
He considered unity of politicians and the people of Afghanistan as significant for prevention of the ongoing war in the country, stressing that US and NATO member countries should further fund and equip Afghan national defense and security forces so that they could counter terrorism and maintain better security in the country.
Saifuddin Saihoon, lecturer of Kabul University, also believes that negative competitions of big powers have paved the way for infiltration of various opponent groups in Afghanistan, while the country is facing with serious problems and challenges and such competitions and interferences of regional and world countries can harm Afghanistan and its people.
“Military and economic competitions in the long-term can result in tension and problems in the world and region and unfortunately our country by its mismanagement and incapability in government institutions will be suffered more than any countries in the region,” Saihoon added.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan has fortunately obtained good achievements in various sectors comparing to previous years, but the main concern of the government, people and international community is the presence of terrorist groups’ safe havens beyond Afghanistan borders.
Suraya Raiszada

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